January 15, 2009

Two perfect workouts

Tues: off
"Perfect" in the sense that I achieved just what I wanted to. Wednesday was the Namban Rengo track workout at night, which was 1600 x 4, run at 10k race pace . In other words, an LT (lactate threshold) workout. I decided on a 40:00 pace (6:24). I can race 10k faster, but I am planning a 16k MP run tomorrow, so do not want to go too hard. I ran the pace exactly, and felt comfortable doing it.
I could tell I was comfortable because I was breathing out every fourth step (3 in, 1 out). When I am running hard, I breathe 2 in, 2 out. (If you are not used to breathing in a steady rhythm like this, you should try it. Good running means good rhythm...and vice versa.)

9.8k  47 minutes (only time for 1600m warmup)
1600m x 4 @6:24/6:24/6:27/6:24 (interval was 400m jog in about 2:20, with an extra 20 secs. waiting for track to clear) 
Time: 7:30
Weather: cold, but not windy
Wt: 60.8 at 4:00
Shoes: 295g

Thurs: 16k @ MP
This was my first "long" marathon pace run in almost 3 weeks (although I have done some hard 10k workouts), so I was a bit apprehensive. But it went ok. I stayed on pace (almost) and felt comfortable until 14k, at which point my hamstrings got tight and a bit sore, causing me to cut my stride and have to work harder. However, surprisingly, I was breathing 3 in, 1 out, so I wasn't really working hard (although the pace was certainly not easy).
Why 16k? I like even numbers. Although that extra k after the 3 5k loops is a hard one.
Good workout considering I was running alone and had done fairly good workouts on Monday and the night before.

21k   100 minutes
3k warmup, stretching, 2 x 150m strides, stretching
16k@MP (4:17/k, which is almost 4:15). 5k splits in 21:22, 21:19, 21:26, then 4:21
Time: 3:30
Weather: 6° at start, 3° at finish, slightly windy (fairly cold going into the wind)
Wt: 61.4
Shoes: 250g
Will not run "fast" again until next wednesday, so legs (hamstrings) should recover. Plan is saturday 20k@5:00, sunday 30k@6:00. Next week: 20k MP run?

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