December 13, 2015

3 Easy Weeks Plus Ekiden

Nov. 24 ~ Dec. 13

Took two days off after the 10K race on the 23rd, then two easy days, then did the Run for the Cure charity 10K, but not as a real race. Ran the 5K splits in 22:40 and 21:40, and felt fine. It was good weather and a fun event.

Did another 3 easy/rest days and then the 1000m x 6 wednesday night workout. Ran them all at around 4:00, which was ok on a chilly night.

Took two days off and had the Okutama Ekiden on the 6th. This is an old, traditional Japanese style road relay up in the hills about 90 minutes west of Tokyo. 6-man teams, each person running a 7.4 or 6.6 or 8.4km leg. Women's teams are 3-person, with shorter legs (ha ha). It's the race that the club has participated in the longest (27 years), and is always a good time. We had three men's teams and two women's teams - total was about 120 men's and 50 women's teams, plus another 60 university and high school.

I led off on the 7.4k first leg, running 30:36 for a 4:08 pace. Not particularly great, but it's a bit hilly, including a 400m upgrade at the end. I started conservatively, and had the fun of passing about 15 runners who had not. Most teams put their fast guys on the first leg, so I felt like a back-of-the-packer. Everyone meets up again for sushi and beer afterwards, so a very enjoyable day.

Took two days off again, then did the wednesday workout. Forgot that I had run a race on Sunday, so ran an 8:04 2,000 and two 3:55 1000s, then my quads started to get sore and I remembered the race. So I cruised another 1000 and two 500s.

Then just did four easy days, with 16k today. I plan to up my mileage the next three months, with just two or even one hard workout a week.

I'm off to Bangkok next Sunday with my wife, for a two-week visit to our daughter. We'll also spend three days in Bali over Christmas. Looking forward to warmth! Hot, sweaty runs - love it! So I'll just be putting in the kms for three weeks, will post again after I get back.
Merry Christmas, everyone!