April 27, 2015

Picking It Up a Bit

Week of April 20 ~ 26

54.4km / 33.8 mi.

Did 5 runs, taking an extra day off Thursday, in addition to Saturday.
This included:
10k on Monday, 5k out @5:11/k, 5k in @4:32.
I'm not in shape, so 4:32 is a good pace at this point.

Interval workout on Wednesday - 1600/1200/1000/800/600/400
All at 4:30 pace or under. Felt pretty good but still holding back so as to not strain the hamstring.

13k on Friday - 7k easy then 10 x 250m (150m hill) up and down.

16k on Sunday - 8k easy, walk 400m, 8k easy.

So that was a better week than I have had in a long time. Trying to build a bit of fitness for the Sendai Half two weeks from today, which I will not "race" but will try to run all the way at a halfway decent pace.

Weight is a little over 60kg, which is not too bad.
Weather has thankfully turned warm, today was a beautiful day.

April 19, 2015

2 More Ok Weeks

Sunday the 19th.

Following Ewen's advice, I am easing back gradually, did 52K the week of 6-12 and 55K this past week. No hamstring pain at all.
Included three halfway decent workouts this week, intervals at about 4:30/k pace on Wednesday, 11k with 10 150m hills on Friday and a 5k tempo run today at 4:50.

If I can do a 10K tempo run next Sunday and a 15K one the Sunday after that, maybe I will be ok for the Sendai Half on May 10. I don't want to race it, just run it all the way at a moderately good pace.

Hope I can get a live feed of Boston tomorrow night.

April 5, 2015

Puttering Along

Hi. How's it goin'? Oh wait, that's Scott Brown.

But anyway, it's going ok. 34k last week, 41k this week, in little bits and pieces, no pain in the hamstring at all. But taking it very, very cautiously. I refuse to be injured again. One more week of this and maybe I'll try something a bit more challenging.
Next week promises to be mostly lousy weather anyway. Cherry blossoms just about over. Ephemeral, that's the word.