June 27, 2010

Longer and harder

Week of June 21 ~ 27
Comes with a revelation.

Plan: 20/20/24/15/20/30km 129km / 87 mi.
Ran: 20/20/24/15/20/30km 129km / 87 mi. 11:27


20k @5:13 1:44:17
28:05/27:01/24:30/24:39 @5:36/24/4:54/57
Knees very stiff first 5k. 3mins walk & stretch after 10k, then felt better.
Time: 2:30
Weather: 30C/86F, 50%
11:30 - Wts and core at gym

12:00 - 12k. 6k@5:55, 6k@5:27 Knees stiff.
7:30pm - 8k. Another new workout for the running club. 1200 at a moderate pace, jog 100, run 300 fast. x4.
B group did 800m for the last 2. About 3:30 rest between each. That's a tough one on a hot night.
I ran with the B group and took it easy, but still a good workout. Ran the last 1600 barefoot. Felt good!

24k. 2:01:22. This was the "harder" part of the week. In the middle of the 20k run (8.6k going out), there is a 500m hill. It is not extremely steep, but steep enough, and continuous. So I ran 10k out, then 1.4 back, then turned around and ran up and down the hill 4 times (an extra 4k). Running hard up and easy down. The ups & downs were 2:20/18/16/15 and 2:36/35/37/35. Pumped my arms hard the last 200m of each hill - that's what weight training is for!
The 20k was 28:51/26:13/23:23/23:21. @5:45/15/4:40/4:40. So the last 10k was pretty good, especially after 4 hills.
Last k was 4:32. Very tired, but quads were ok. Took 3 stretching and 2 water breaks.
Time: 4:00
Weather: 28C/82F, 35%
Weight: 61kg

15k. 1:21:22 29:05/26:59/25:16 @5:49/24/03.
Legs felt very tired at first. 6th k was 5:56, so I said this is ridiculous and picked up the pace. Then I felt better. Felt surprisingly ok the last 5k.
Revelation: Wore my lightest shoes, which are an old pair of Nike Zoom Air Racing that weigh 182g/6.4oz. - with no insoles! They felt really good! This could be an easy way to achieve "minimalist" footwear - light shoes with no insoles.
Time: 1:00
Weather: 31C/88F, 30%
11:30 - wts and core at gym.

20k. 1:51:46. @5:36. Distance approximate, but very close. In Tsudanuma, at my father-in-law's. Ran a different course than usual for the first 10k. Have to measure it by car the next time I go there. Legs tired. Wore my Nike Air Zoom Cage+ with no insoles. I used these for the Santa Barbara and LA marathons, but I now realize they are too soft, especially with insoles. Without insoles they feel much better.

30k. 2:38:00. @5:15
@ 5:40/18/12/00/12/12
At planned pace thru 20k. Wanted to go fast last 10k, but legs too tired and temp too hot to go under 5:00. Did very well to stay at 5:12, thought it would be 5:20 or more. Drank 2 160ml bottles of Aquarius, plus stopped and drank a lot of water at 21k, and refilled one bottle. Legs VERY tired and did well to pick up last k to 5:00.
Time: 2:30
Weather: 29C/84F, 60% (felt like 90%)
Weight: 60.2kg (finally got the weight down near 60. Can I keep it here?)
Shoes: 210g old Nike Cage 2 with no insoles. Felt fine.

129k is not my longest week ever, I did two 130+ weeks in 2008, but much of that was twice a day easy 10k runs. So this was my hardest week ever!
Next week: 135k including a 5,000m time trial.

June 21, 2010

Pretty Good Week

Week of June 14 ~ 20

Plan: 20/15/15/20/20/25k = 115km / 71.5 mi.
Ran: 25/18.5/12/20/15/27.5 = 118km / 73 mi.

Finished the week with a nice long trail run. Legs tired but not painful, so training is going ok, I guess.


7:15am - 5k 28:19 2.5k@6:18 2.5k@5:00
Thought I would try an early morning (for me) run to see if I should do this more in the coming weeks to add mileage. First half at very easy 6:00 pace, stretch a bit, then pick it up to 5:00. It felt ok.
4:00pm - 20k @5:14 26:55/26:40/25:23/25:40 @5:23/20/05/08
Ok going out, legs kind of tired coming back.
Temp,humidity: 28C/82F 50%
Weight: 60.9kg
11:30 - weights and core. 3 workouts!

12:00 - 12k @5:33 5:54/5:13
Pace as planned. Ok, but legs heavy.
7:30 (track) - 400 x 4 x 3. First 2 sets very easy at 1:50, then 1:40, last 2 @1:30. Last 4 barefoot - felt good.
Gave the club members some speed work on a hot night. Broke into small groups (6-8) and had different people lead each 400. Worked very well. Even slower people ran much faster when they were the leaders - great motivational technique. Everyone enjoyed the workout (if they didn't, they didn't tell me...).

12k @5:27 5:56/4:58
7:15am. 4 mins. walking/stretching in between the 6ks.
Actually, I now realize that if I am not running the Wednesday night intervals hard, Thursday should be a hard day and not an easy day. (Although today I had to go to Epson in Nagano prefecture.) Then Friday easy, Sat moderate and Sun very long.

20k @5:09 1:42:55
27:10/26:05/24:49/24:49 @5:25/13/4:58/58
Felt ok but quads a bit sore last 6k.
Time: 1:00
Temp/hum:29C/84F, then rain
Weight: 60.8kg
AM- weights and core at gym

15k @5:25 1:21:17
27:33/26:51/26:53 @5:30/22/23
Easy day. Legs quite tired so took it real easy.

27.5 2:46:36
Long run on the trails in the hills above Kamakura (very old, cool town an hour south of Tokyo) with two other club members. Then the last hour on roads, including a looong (9-minute) hill. Distance approx because a good part of it was clambering up, down and over big rocks, roots, etc. Actual distance was shorter but I was working much harder than a flat run, so 27.5 is a good approximation of the effort. (The Garmin wearer's battery failed - I don't have one). Cool and pleasant up in the hills, with a good breeze. But a very tiring run.
We tried to go to Ajisai-dera (hydrangea temple) to see the flowers, but since they are in full bloom, the place was PACKED, including about 100m of the road leading to the place. A laughable amount of people. Ah, Japan....

Total for week: 118k / 73.2 miles. 10:56
Next week...130k?

June 13, 2010

Up to 100km

Week of June 7 ~ June 13

Plan: 20/15/15/20/15/25k = 110k / 68 mi.
Ran: 20/16/15/20/14/15k = 100k

Cut back the last long run because my quads are sore.
Planning to run nothing under 5:00/k pace (except Wed. intervals). Decided I don't need to run "fast" when I am building up distance. It just makes the legs more sore.


20k @ 5:11 26:41/26:08/25:22/25:26
Felt. ok. Ran the pace I wanted to.
AM: weights and core at gym.
Weight: 61.1kg

12:30 - 8k @5:31
7:30 - 8k. Warmup then 1000/1000/1500/1000/1000
4:25/4:33/5:36/4:14/4:18 (1500 @ 3:44/k)
The objective of this workout (for club members) was to run 2 1000s at 15 secs. slower than usual pace (jog 200), then a 1500m time trial (walk 200), then 2 1000s at usual (hard) pace. I decided to let the runners try a 1500m time trial and this seemed to be a good way to do it. I think it was a good workout. I took the 1000s easy and ran fairly hard on the 1500. However, this caused a bit of hamstring tightness over the next few days. From now on, Wednesdays will be easy.

15k @ 5:42 28:50/27:55/28:39
Quads stiff first 10k, sore last 5k. Any pace was ok...just for the mileage.
15k is a long way when your quads are sore and you are running at a slow pace.

20k @ 5:29 27:32/27:20/27:14/27:34
Kept the pace easy. Quads a bit sore the last 3k.
AM - weights and core in the gym.

14k @5;22 26:43/26:22/22:04
Last 4k @ 5:32 as quads got sore.

15k @ 5:36 (different course, no splits)
Legs tired and right quad sore.
Well, 100k is ok for the week.
Weight: 61.2kg

Total for week: 100k / 62 mi. 9:14
Nice weather every day but next week is supposed to be rainy (start of the rainy season).

June 6, 2010

Revving Up (for the World Cup, too)

Week of May 31 ~ June 6

Plan: 10/15/10/15/10/10/20 = 90k / 56 mi.
Ran: 10/15/10/15/ 0/15/10+15 = 90k

First week of marathon training leading to a Nov. marathon. Will spend 3 weeks working up to 140k weeks, which I will then maintain, more or less, for 18 weeks. For a bit of historical perspective, before the LA marathon in March I had 9 110/120k weeks. Prior to that, before the Santa Barbara marathon in Dec. I had 18 weeks of 88-113K.

10k @5:09 26:18/25:15
Felt ok, legs a little stiff.

15k @ 4:48 1:12:03 25:30/24:18/22:14 @5:06/4:52/4:27
Very surprising. Not trying to go fast, but every k was 10 secs faster than i thought I was going.
Due to the new Biom shoes or to having fresh legs (haven't run much last 2 weeks)? Probably fresh legs.
AM: wts and core at gym.
Time: 4:00
Temp/humd: 23C/73F, 30%
Weight: 60.7kg

10k @ 5:21 27:04/26:34

15k @ 4:47 1:11:50 25:19/23:48/22:42 @5:05/4:46/4:32
Around the Imperial Palace (each 5k actually 26m short). Lovely day for a run.
Ran in between afternoon meeting and evening drinking bout with 5 other blokes to do our World Cup pool. You put in 6,000 yen and "buy" teams in an auction format. Each time one of your teams wins, you get 3 points, and 1 point for a draw. I came away with Argentina, Cameroon, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Algeria and South Africa. Not so great, but not so bad either. None of those teams are real losers. If Argentina, Greece and Cameroon go through the first round, Slovenia gets past England and USA, the home team does well and the other two win a game, I could be ok. Oh, and if Argentina wins the whole thing. So root for my teams. Go Slovakia! (Note to Ewen & Jon: Steve got Australia, but spent most of his money on Spain and Italy, so only has 3 teams.)

2 - 3 hour meeting turned into 5 hours. Planned another Palace run, but had no time.
Actually, just as well, because I ran too hard Tuesday and Thursday.

15k @ 5:33 Left thigh a bit sore, just wanted to take it easy.

8:00am - 10k @ 5:51 Moving at any pace in the morning is acceptable.
2:30pm - 15k @5:16 1:19:06 27;11/26:05/25:49 @5:27/5:13/5:10
Legs tired, as I suppose they should be, since I ran 39k last week and 35k the week before.
Temp, humd: 25C/77F, 40%
Next week: 110k