June 28, 2015

5000m Time Trial One Minute Faster

Week of June 22 ~ 28

52.8km / 32.8 mi.

Easy 9km run as I had to meet a person from Los Angeles (Track Club LA) and talk to her about running in Japan for an article she is writing.

Gym workout

Namban Rengo 5,000m time trial.
20:38 (4:08/14/07/07/02)
Felt good. Slowed the 2nd k but picked it up with no problem. 1:03 faster than last month, so seem to be getting back into shape.
Abt. 25C/77F

Rest. Felt a very slight twinge after the 5,000, and at this point it's better to rest after an all-out 5k.

12k with 6k warmup, then 250m hill x 10. Worked pretty hard going up the hills, slow jog down.

Easy 8k. Gym workout

Easy 12k.

June 22, 2015

Plugging Away

Week of June 6 ~ 21

53km / 33 mi.

3:30 - 10K with last 4k at tempo pace (4:30/k)
28C/82F, 50%
Wt: 59.3kg

Rest day - gym workout

7:30pm - Club track workout. 400 warmup, 1200/600 x 3
This is a good workout. The object is to do the 1200 at an "average" pace, take a short rest, then run the 600 all out. Then a longish rest after the 600s.
Very humid, rain last 600.

8k easy.

Gym workout.
Chilly rain all day. After running in warm weather, I didn't feel like running in this.
And a rest day is never a bad idea.

11k. 9k easy, last 2k at 4:30/k pace.

12k. Easy out at about 6:00/k, In at 5:00 for 3 k, then 4:40 for 3k. Ie., a moderate 6k tempo run.
22C/72F, 73%

June 14, 2015


Week of June 8 ~ 14
58.4km / 36.3 mi.

Almost, but not quite, a normal training week.

Monday: 8k easy

Tuesday: Gym workout

Wednesday: Track intervals - 1200/1000/800/1200/1000/800
About 3 mins. walk and/or jog between each.
Felt ok, but still can't run fast. Managed a 3:56 on the second 1000.

Thursday: 8k easy

Friday: Gym workout. 9k including 400 x 8 to try to regain a bit of speed. These were not very fast - 89/90 - but felt fast, which is a bad sign, I suppose. Managed 86 on the last one. 90 seconds walk in between. It was 27° and about 95% humidity, but still....  Anyway, it was fun to run some 400s.

Saturday: 9k easy

Sunday: 12k easy.

June 8, 2015

Back Into Training

It's been quite a while since I posted, but not much has been happening.
Took one week off after the Sendai Half.
Did five short, easy runs the next week.
Did four easy runs the next week, plus a 5,000m time trial on May 28th just to see where I stood. Which was: legs ok, but out of shape (which of course I already knew). 21:41.
Did seven runs last week for a total of 66k, so not so bad.
That included a 1000m x 6 workout with each about 4:15 and the last in 4:00. And then a tempo run on Saturday - 4k easy, 4k at 4:30 pace.
No aches or pains at all, so I think that after one more relatively easy week, I'll be ready to start a regular training cycle, to get me back into good shape by October.

To finally answer your question, Scott, a typical week will be:
Wed - 14km, with 6,000m interval workout
Thur - 8km, easy
Fri - 12km, with 10 x 250m hills, or 8 400s (have to get some speed back)
Sat - 8km, easy
Sun - 16km, easy. Actually starting with 12 and working up to 20.
Mon - 12km with 6 or 8 or 10km tempo run
Tues - Rest
Which adds up to 70km, which is enough given that three of the days are hard.
Plus my usual weight machine/core workouts on Tuesdays and Fridays.

So, here's hoping I'll be in good form come the fall.

And I hope you all have a good summer (or winter, as the case may be) of training.

PS: Managed to get my weight back down under 60kg, but need to lose more.
Here are the two best runners in America, Matt Centrowicz and Galen Rupp.