December 14, 2014

Howdy, how's it going?

That, believe it or not, is the name of a beauty salon in my town. You've got to love Japan.

Anyway, I hope you're all going ok. Just thought I would check in and let you know that I'm still resting. Hoping that six weeks of not running will heal my hamstring/glute problem and any other hidden niggles I may have. I have a race scheduled for March 29, so starting in January would give me three months to get in shape.
I hate running in the cold weather anyway. I shouldn't complain, as a friend in Maine was just telling me about their snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain and other horrors...but I love to complain about the cold.

Just returned from two and a half weeks in Thailand - Bangkok, where my daughter lives, and Phuket, where her new Aussie boyfriend did the Laguna Challenge Half Ironman. He did well and it was a lot of fun to watch. Big race with lots of pros.

So... I wish I was still in Thailand, but when life gives you ice, make ice cream, I suppose.

Since I'm eating a lot and putting on weight, I'll end this with