January 27, 2015

Baby Steps

Week of Jan. 19 ~ 25

Managed 40k last week, in 5 runs. Easy pace, but was able to pick things up a bit on the Sunday 10k.
Nothing seems to be hurting, so...so far, so good.

Weight is about 61kg, 3-4 over what it was in the fall, so I will work on that.

I expect to be shocked by how slow Wednesday's 5,000m time trial will be.

January 18, 2015

Legs Seem to be Ok

For the first time in a long time!

Here's the timeline:

12 - 10K race in 38:51, felt great.
15 - Right upper hamstring and/or glute got sore after a 1k warmup and an aver pace 600.
16-25 - Remained sore.
26 - Namban 10K fun run - ran 50:00 with sore HS, but it didn't get worse.
29 - It got a lot worse.
No running, then:
16 - Toda Half Marathon - my favorite race so I wanted to run. Ran 1:39 carefully with soreness, but not too bad and it didn't get worse
22 - Easy run in Bangkok, but HS sore, and quads very sore.
Rest 5 weeks until
28 - easy 6k
30 - moderate 8k
31 - Left calf very sore!!
Still sore for 2 weeks! 8k was too much....
14 - 7.2k with several walk breaks - calf ok!
16 - 5k     "
17 - 8k     "
18 - 8k - 2k x 4 @5:30/k with walk breaks. Calf ok, HS ok.

So I am cautiously optimistic. Will try to _gradually_ amp it up and maybe actually become a runner again.

Hope we all have a good 2015.