August 29, 2009

100km! In fact, 101.

Week of Aug. 24-30. 4th week of 18-week marathon program.
Program Menu: 100k. Actual Run: 101k (63mi.).

PM: 14k. 13k@5:01-5:28 + 100m x 10 pickups
AR: 15k. 14k@4:54 + 100m x 10 barefoot.
10.8k with American School Cross Country team varsity boys. First 4k@5:15, then 2k@5:00, then 4k@ about 4:30. Top boys are already in pretty good shape! Faster than I planned to go....
10 x 100m on artificial turf (got some of the kids running barefoot), then 3k@5:20.
Time: 4:00
Weight: 60.3kg

PM: 23k@4:48-5:14. (My plan: 5:30 out/5:15 in)
AR: 23k@5:17 (5:30/5:05) 2:01:35 (63:08/58:22)
Quads and calves kind of sore, so planned slower pace. Felt better coming back than I expected to.
Time: 6:00pm
Temp: 25C/77F, Humid: 62%
Weight: 59.9kg
Shoes: 300g Brooks Ghost

PM: 8k@5:30-6:00. Recovery
AR: 8k@5:54
Legs tired, knees stiff. Calves sore at night.

PM: 18k@4:48-5:14
AR: 18k@5:16 (5:36/4:54)
Legs and calves stiff at start, but felt so-so after a while. Drank water at 9k and then felt good coming back.
Time: 6:30pm
Temp: 26C/79F
Weight: 59.9kg
Shoes: 240g Saucony

PM: 8k@5:30-6:00. Recovery
AR: 8k@5:57. Legs felt ok.
10:00am: Wts and core in the gym
Went to Kinesio place in afternoon for an hour massage and taping of calves.

PM: 29k@4:48-5:14. Long Run
AR: 29k@5:13 (5:16/5:10). 2:31:27 (1:16:28/1:14:52)
Hard rain up at Lake Tama for 10k. No rain at home (like last week). I guess I should stop running to Lake Tama, although I like the course and it is marked every 100m (so I won't stop running there).
Used new Nike water belt, which is great. Drank at 5k and then every 3k, with CarboShotz at 14k. I compared the Nike belt and the Fuel Belt at Oshman's in Harajuku. The Nike has slightly bigger plastic bottles (4) and a bigger velcro fastener. It also has two pockets for gels. And it is cheaper! (4,800 yen to 5,400). The bottles are easy to drink from and easy to get in and out of the holders, which are hard plastic, not just cloth. It stays tight and snug and does not bounce at all. Not only good for long runs on hot days, but it will solve the problem of not drinking enough during marathons. With the added advantage that you can drink whenever you want to.
Time: 4:00
Temp: 32C/90F but got cool in the rain, then warm last 6k.
Weight: 60kg
Shoes: 300 Ghost
Fuel: 8:30: toast and jam, atole. 11:30: tofu, 2 healthy muffins, atole. Iced coffee, water, chia. Put some chia with water in two of the bottles.

Sunday: Rest

August 25, 2009

So Far, So Good

Week of Aug. 17-23. 3rd week of 18-week marathon program.
Program Menu: 93km. Actual Run: 89km.

Program Menu: 18k@4:48-5:14. Medium-long run.
Actual Run: 18k@5:05 (5:15/4:55)
Quads stiff at first, but not as much as I expected. Felt good coming back.
Time: 5:30pm
Temp: 28C/82F
Weight: 59.4kg
Shoes: 240g Saucony

Program Menu: 21k@4:48-5:14. Medium-long run.
Actual Run: 21k@4:57 (5:07/4:49)
Legs felt unexpectedly good. Not fresh, but not sore.
Time: 5:30pm
Temp: 27C/81F Humidity: 65%
Weight: 59.5kg
Shoes: 240g Saucony
Also weights and core in gym at 11:00am.

Program Menu: 8k recovery
Actual Run: 0k. Left calf slightly swollen and sore in the afternoon, so decided not to run.

Program Menu: 14k. 5k@5:30, 6k@4:00, 3k@5:30-6:00. Lactate Threshold.
Actual Run: 14k. 5k@5:38, 6k@4:02, 3k@6:09.
Leg fine; rest yesterday was a good idea. Felt good, but it seems hard to run fast at night - had to keep pushing.
Splits: 4:01/3:57/4:07/4:05/4:07/3:53.
Time: 6:30pm
Temp: 26C/79F. Humidity: 70%.
Weight: 59.7kg
Shoes: 220g Nike Katana

Program Menu: 8k@5:30-6:00. Recovery
Actual Run: 12k@5:44
Got 4k back! Very hot and humid. Felt sluggish but better after drinking water at 6k.
Time: 4:30
Temp: 29C/84F. Humidity: 70%
Weight: 59.8kg
Shoes: 300g Brooks Ghost.
Also weights and core in gym at 11:00am.

Program Menu: 24k@4:48-5:14. Medium-long run.
Actual Run: 24k@5:07 (5:15/4:58)
Legs a bit heavy. Drank water at 9k. Rain started at 9.5k, then a torrential downpour from 16 to 19k. Fun! Except, shoes got heavy, but kept 5:00 pace or under, except for one 5:20. Tired with 6k to go, but rallied last 2k.
Time: 4:00pm
Temp: 32C/90F Humidity: 62%. At start, then it got cooler and wetter.
Weight: 59.4kg
Shoes: 270g (+) Mizuno
Fuel: AM: 2 cups of atole, toast and jam. 11:30: Sports drink with protein powder, grapefruit, banana, grapes.

August 17, 2009

13k@Marathon Pace@29C/84F—Ok! (Faster than Bill Rogers)

2nd week of 18-week marathon program.
Week of Aug. 10-16. Program Menu: 89km. Actual Run: 89km.

PM: 14k. 12k@5:01-5:28, 100m x 10 pickups (100m jog after each). General aerobic + speed.
AR: 14k. 12k@5:16 (5:34/4:54), 100m x 10
Knees very stiff first 6k, then stretched and they felt better.
Time: 4:00
Temp: 29C/84F, very humid.
Weight: 59.5kg
Shoes: 270g Mizuno

PM: 19k@4:48-5:14
AR: 19k@ 5:01 (5:07/4:55)
Had to work to run 5:00 pace last 5k.
Time: 3:30
Temp: 30C/86F
Weight: 59.5kg
Shoes: 270g Newtons
Fuel: Bkfst: protein/banana milk shake, Lunch: tofu and bean salad. Bef. run: 8 tsps chia gel
Also weights and core at 10:30am

PM: 8k@5:30-6:00. Recovery
AR: 8k@5:40
Evening at the track.

PM: 14k@5:01-5:28. General aerobic
AR: 14k@5:17 (5:24/5:10)
Time: 6:00pm
Temp: 31C/88F
Felt ok. Legs a bit tired last 3k.

PM: 8k@5:30-6:00. Recovery
AR: 8k@5:50
Also wts and core at 12:00
Legs tired and knees a bit sore all day so took it easy.

PM: 26k. 11k@<5:30, 13k@4:22, 2k@whatever. Marathon pace run.
AR: 26k. 11k@5:23, 13k@4:21, 2k@6:01.
Splits: 4:35/24/10/22/18/21/20/24/28/15/18/21/21
Felt ok. Not really working hard, but did not want to run any faster or further. Short stop at 9k for water and carbo shotz gel.
Time: 5:30pm
Temp: 30C/86F at start, 28C/82F at finish, so 29C/84F while running 11k.
Weight: 59.6kg
Shoes: 220g. Nike Katana
Fuel: Brunch: protein banana milk shake, wholewheat bread with jam, kiwi. 3:00 bottle sports drink. Bef. run: 10 tsps chia gel, 2 cups water.
Interesting note: Bill Rodgers won the 60 year old division of the Falmouth Road Race (either 7 or 7.1 miles/11.2 or 11.5k) in 51:25, a 4:28/k pace for 11.5k. So I ran faster, for longer, by myself, in hotter weather. Not bad....


August 9, 2009

Perfect Start

This marks the start of my 18-week marathon training program. It is the mid-level program from Pete Pfitzinger's Advanced Marathoning (86km/54mi to a peak of 113km/70mi). This will take me to the Santa Barbara Marathon on Dec. 6, where I will be aiming for a 3:04. Which is 4:22/km (7:01/mile), which is the pace upon which all the workouts are based.

Week of Aug. 3-9. Program Menu: 86km. Actual Run: 86km.

PM: 14k with 5k@5:30, 6k@4:00, 3k@5:30. (Lactate threshold, i.e. 6k@15k to half marathon pace)
AR: 14k with 5k@5:19, 6k@4:00, 3k@5:30 (6k was actually 23:58)
No problem, although I had to push to maintain the pace. The heat made it not so easy (32°/90°F in the shade).
Time: 1:00pm.
Temp: 32C/90F
Weight: 59.3kg (which is my lowest...ever).
Shoes: 240g (Nike Katana Cage 2, 10k/Half racing shoes, which I really like. I should buy another pair, if they still make them.)
Fuel: 9:30am: mug of atole and banana. Before run: 6 tspns of chia gel and mug of water. Eating like a Tarahumara.

PM: 18k@4:48-5:14. (Medium-long run)
AR: 18k@4:59 (Out 5:06, In 4:51)
Legs felt tired at first, but ok after 5k. Planned negative splits. In fact, I will probably do all the medium-long and long runs that way. Legs getting tired at the end, though.
Time: 6:00pm.
Temp: 29C/84F
Weight: 59.5kg
Shoes: 300g Brooks Ghost (The heaviest shoes I ever wear any more, and they are not really heavy.)
Fuel: Bkfst: banana and atole. Lunch: tofu, 2 yakionigiri (small rice balls), 6tsps chia. Before run: 6 tsps chia
Also did X-trng (weights and core) at 10:30am.

PM: 8k@5:30-6:00. (Recovery)
AR: 8k@5:23
Evening at the track. Legs stiff at first, but ok after 2k.
Shoes: 270g Newton

PM: 14k@5:01-5:28 (General aerobic)
AR: 14k@5:24 (5:33/5:15)
Quads very tight at the start and stayed fairly tight the whole way (to be expected 2 days after hard runs).
Time: 1:00
Weight: 59.4kg
Shoes: 300g Ghost

PM: 8k@5:30-6:00 (Recovery)
AR: 8k@5:46
7:15pm with about 98° humidity.
Shoes: 275g Asics Gel DS Trainer

PM: 24k@4:48-5:14 (Medium-long run)
AR: 24k@5:04 (5:10/4:58) (Total time: 2:01:30)
Legs tired at first, but ok after 5k. Picked up pace coming back to 4:45, but legs tired last 5k so slowed. Short stop for water at 15k.
Time: 4:00
Temp: 29C/84F. Very humid! Rained 3 or 4 times, just because the atmosphere was saturated.
Weight: 60.1kg
Shoes: 240g Saucony
Fuel: Bkfst - 2 cups atole. Lnch: 2 bananas. Bef run: 2 cups water, 8 tsps chia gel.


So the program is off to a perfect start. But I can see that the heat and humidity in August is going to make some of the runs rather difficult. Like 26k next Saturday, with 13k at marathon race pace. Fortunately I will have three fairly easy days before it.

August 3, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

An easy week of only 43k before my marathon program, which starts tomorrow.

Mon: Rest
Tues: 11:00am - Xtrng (wts and core). 12:00 - 7.3 easy in 43:24.

Wed: Evening track workout - 5,000m time trial.
18:38 (3:38, 3:38, 3:45, 3:50, 3:46). Last 400 in 85.
Wanted to run 18:20 or at least under 18:30, but the 18:38 was the same as last month. However, it was quite a bit hotter...about 27-28° (82F). As you can see, I slowed down on the 4th k and could not pick it up much on the last one. I was trying to push, but was running alone and couldn't go any faster. Still, it was ok for the heat.
Shoes: light racers (202g). Weight: 60.4kg

Thurs: 15k in 1:16:59 (26:35, 25:24, 25:00). Run at 12:30 in 34° heat (93F). Felt surprisingly good. Even the heat didn't bother me very much.

Fri: AM - Xtrng (wts and core). Calves very tired so decided to rest today and Sunday.

Sat: 13.5k at a fairly easy pace in Yoyogi Park. 1:14:09 = 27:24 per 5k (maybe it was more than 13.5k).
Sun: Rest

So tomorrow starts my Pete Pfitzinger 18-week marathon program. 86k the first week, building to a peak of 113k. I am in good shape now, so if I can complete this program as planned, I should be in _really_ good shape come Dec. 6.
Thanks for reading! And for you non-Namban Rengo readers (who already have it), here is a link to a great video: