August 3, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

An easy week of only 43k before my marathon program, which starts tomorrow.

Mon: Rest
Tues: 11:00am - Xtrng (wts and core). 12:00 - 7.3 easy in 43:24.

Wed: Evening track workout - 5,000m time trial.
18:38 (3:38, 3:38, 3:45, 3:50, 3:46). Last 400 in 85.
Wanted to run 18:20 or at least under 18:30, but the 18:38 was the same as last month. However, it was quite a bit hotter...about 27-28° (82F). As you can see, I slowed down on the 4th k and could not pick it up much on the last one. I was trying to push, but was running alone and couldn't go any faster. Still, it was ok for the heat.
Shoes: light racers (202g). Weight: 60.4kg

Thurs: 15k in 1:16:59 (26:35, 25:24, 25:00). Run at 12:30 in 34° heat (93F). Felt surprisingly good. Even the heat didn't bother me very much.

Fri: AM - Xtrng (wts and core). Calves very tired so decided to rest today and Sunday.

Sat: 13.5k at a fairly easy pace in Yoyogi Park. 1:14:09 = 27:24 per 5k (maybe it was more than 13.5k).
Sun: Rest

So tomorrow starts my Pete Pfitzinger 18-week marathon program. 86k the first week, building to a peak of 113k. I am in good shape now, so if I can complete this program as planned, I should be in _really_ good shape come Dec. 6.
Thanks for reading! And for you non-Namban Rengo readers (who already have it), here is a link to a great video:


  1. Thats a good 5 Km run. Why were you alone? Had you dropped the rest of the nambanners? !!
    I am looking forward to following your progress. Good luck.

  2. The heat's got to be worth 20 seconds. Also, if you were in a race with others the last 2k would hold up better.

    Good speed to take into the marathon build-up. Sub-3 like my old mate Steve Lacey would be good.

  3. good luck on the new training program...see you in santa barbara, my friend. can't do tokyo in 2010...gotta save my dollars for trieste and prague in may (not even sure how i'll pay for that trip!)...but maybe 2011!!

  4. I basically followed this same program that you are going to start, for 12 weeks, before my recent marathon.

    I reckon you can't go too wrong with it. And with your fitness as it is now, yes you should expect good things come Dec.

    Must be hot there now.