July 28, 2009

82.6k as Planned

Planned for the week: 83.6k. Ran: 82.6k.
Less than planned on Mon. and Thurs., made it up on Wed. and Sat.

Mon: Rest
Tues: 9:00AM: 8k in 43:31 (5:26/k)
11:00AM: Xtrng (wts and core)

Wed: 7:30AM: 8k easy in 47:24
Namban track workout at night — 800/1200/1600/1200/800/400
Times: 3:04/4:24/5:58/4:28/2:58/81. Jogs in between: 2:30/3:34/4:05/4:00/2:58.
Legs a little tired, very humid, but worked hard.

Thurs: 10k recovery run in 57:42 (29:24/28:18). 8:00PM, light rain.

Fri: 10k easy in 57:43 (29:16/28:27). 11:30AM, more than high humidity, the air is saturated. Also stomach full and legs tired.

Sat: 20k. 27:22/27:23/26:14/27:15. Legs kind of stiff from the beginning. Got tired last 5k. Kept pace easy due to running at Ome tomorrow.

Sun: 18.6k of hills at Ome. VERY hot and legs a bit tired. Out very easy in 1:15:31. In 1:02:33. Picked up pace for about last 3.6k in 19:00 (except for last downhill on the road). Last stretch to barriers in 12:22 — last week was 11:02, but in this heat it is not bad.

Next week will be easy, except for 5,000m time trial on Wed, night, and then the 18-week marathon program starts on Aug. 3rd, which I am really looking forward to.


  1. Saturday/Sunday was a good double. I'm looking forward to seeing how the marathon program goes. You have heaps of speed going in.

  2. Seems a good week but I will be interested to see how fast you run your 5Km time trial on wednesday . Good luck.