July 5, 2009

3 Good Workouts

Planned 73k for the week. Ran 72.4.
Hard workouts on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Mon: Rest
Tues: AM - X-trng (Wts, Core and Bike 15 mins.)
4:00 - Easy 12k in 1:06:03 (33:43, 32:20)

Wed: 9k. Evening track workout with club.
1600 warmup, 1000m x 6, 100m x 4 (barefoot)
1000s were run in 3:42/27/32/32/33/29 (200m jog, total time 6:30, 7:30 after 4th).
Ran with Frank, Fabrizio and Juergen (French, Italian and German...we are Tokyo's international running club), plus a fast Japanese girl (Rie) and did my best to stay with them. Not bad times for me, especially on a warm, humid night.

Thurs: 10k easy in 57:33. Legs tired.

Fri: AM - X-trng (Wts and Core)
12:00 (right after x-trng) - 14k progressive run. 2k warmup in 10:58, 5k in 24:50, 5k in 22:19, 2k in 8:07 (4:05/4:02). 1:06:15 for a 4:44/k pace.
Legs felt tired before running, but were ok once I started. Last two k were faster than expected, without really trying to push hard.

Sat: 10k easy in 55:03.

Sun: 17.4k. Ome hills. 1:41:12 (53:24, 47:47)
Had no one to run with, so went out fairly hard and came back very hard. Last week came back from that point in 48:09 after going out easy, so under 48 after going out at a good pace is very good. The average pace (over 5:00 per k) seems very slow, but there are four big hills where you have to climb carefully over many roots and rocks (large steps), so both up and down are very slow. Good for the leg muscles! In between those places I run fast on the flat, downhill and short uphill parts, so it's really a hill and fartlek run. I was pretty exhausted at the finish.


  1. As always an interesting read Bob.
    Have you any races planned in the near future?

  2. Good week Bob. Nice 1000s - I'm confused about the 200 jog, 6:30, 7:30 bit - is that a total time for the 1000 plus the 200 jog?

  3. Jon: My next major race is the Santa Barbara marathon on Dec. 6, but I may run a 10k in the fall.

    Ewen: Yes, 6:30 and 7:30 are the total times for run plus jog.