June 28, 2009

2 Seconds Faster...I'll Take It.

Planned 60k for the week. Ran 63.5.
Ran a 5,000m time trial in 18:38, two seconds faster than last month, but it was warmer.

Mon: Rest
Tues: AM - X-trng (weights and abs). PM - 6.3k easy.

Wed: 8k.
1200m easy warmup, 600m striders. 5,000m in 18:38. (3:38/44/46/49/40 (last 400 in 83).
Hoped for 18:20, but it was a bit too warm. Or legs were still a bit tired from last Sunday's 10.7k race, although I felt pretty good.
Had no one to follow after 2.5k, but kept pushing. Felt nice and smooth.
Afterwards: 4 x 100m barefoot on grass, plus one lap of track barefoot (which felt ok).
7:30pm. Temp: abt 25° (77°F). Wt: 60.2kg. Shoes: 220g

Thurs: 10k in 50:29 (26:00, 24:29). Easy. Knees and right calf a bit stiff.

Fri: AM - X-trng (wts and abs)
12:00 - 14k. Splits: 2k - 11:02, 5k - 24:08, 5k - 22:33, 2k - 8:29. Total 4:42/km pace.
4 x 150m barefoot on grass.

Sat: 6k easy

Sun: 18.6. Ome hills. Out - 1:09:45. In - 51:14.
Coming back is more downhill, but even so, I was going faster. Last approx. 2.8k on trail was very fast (10:58).
Ran with two overseas visitors, Irish and German guys, in their 30s. Irish guy is a 2:47 marathoner. Ran away from them the last 2.8k, so I was feeling pretty good.
Cloudy, warm but not hot...about 23°.
Next week, 75k.


  1. Well done on the 18.38. Thats a good time especially if you are running alone. You should be able to get that 18.20 with no trouble if there is agroup to run/race with.

    I bet the Irish guy whom you ran away from is not feeling so good.:-)

  2. That's a bit mean - leaving the visitors eating your dust. As Jon said, 18:38 is good going alone.

    Keep with the barefoot running. If the track is worn a bit (smooth), it might be worth trying a barefoot race. My 15 and 3000 PBs were run barefoot. I didn't enjoy it so much after they resurfaced the AIS track.

  3. your wish is my command sir...new seattle nuts and bolts post up on my blog.