January 24, 2010

Pretty Good Week

Week of Jan 18 - 24

10k @5:25
Legs felt fine, which was a bit surprising after the brisk 20k run the day before.
Ran today because I have to go to Nagano on Wednesday and may not be able to run.

20k @5:29
Legs a bit tired. Did this as a recovery day.
AM: weights and abs in the gym.

Rest. Not back in time to run at the track at night.

24k. 4k warmup @5:30. 20k @4:55 1:38:18 (24:58/24:48/24:40/23:50)
Planned an easy run like most Thursdays, but after 2k decided to go at 5:00 pace since yesterday was a rest day.
Felt ok. Picked up last 2k. Running with the wind the last 8k.
Time: 3:00
Temp: 16C/61F —> 10C/50F
Weight: 61.1kg
Shoes: 300g

20k @5:28. Legs kind of tired.
AM: weights and abs in the gym.

24k. 4k warmup @5:31. 20k @4:45 1:34:52 (24:56/24:41/23:20/21:52)
Last 5k @ 4:27/26/25/20/13
Felt very good. Planned about 4:45 for the last 10k, but decided to pick up the last 5k and felt good enough to hold the pace.
Joachim says to try to finish the long runs at a faster pace, so I did! (To my surprise.)
Time: 3:00
Temp: 10C/50F
Weight: 60.6kg (no lunch, just a gel pack before running. Also carried a gel pack and took it after 12k.) Reminds me that I really prefer running on an empty stomach.
Shoes: 230g (light)

20k @5:40
Legs not sore, although they got tired the last 8k. Was not even checking my watch, just running easy to get the time on my feet. After yesterday, 20k feels like a nice accomplishment. Did not feel the need to go an extra 2k.

Total for Week: 118k/73m 10:23
Looking ahead; 5,000m time trial on Wed. Long run on Sunday. Cut back the following week.

January 18, 2010

Slightly Easier Week

Week of Jan. 11-17
Did a slightly easier week to see if my (slightly) sore leg would improve. It was the quadriceps, I guess, of my left leg. It would be sore when I started to run and when I went upstairs...like when you put your foot on the step and then step up. That muscle just above and on the outer side of the knee. Well, it worked because it feels ok now.
By easier I mean I took off Tuesday in addition to Monday, ran the track intervals on Wednesday at an easier pace, and did not do a marathon pace run on Friday. (Maybe it is the faster runs that cause the soreness.)

Monday, Tuesday

1:30pm: 12k @5:29 1:05:52
7:30pm: 8.4k 800 wu, 800/1200/1600/1200/800/400
Splits: 3:28/4:51/6:47/4:43/3:03/92 (pace per k: 4:20/4:00/4:15/3:54/3:48/3:49)
Felt ok. Better to run at this pace than in 3:40s like last week.

20k @5:26 1:48:29 (recovery)
Felt so-so. Didn't feel like going any faster.

20k @4:59 1:39:37 (25:35/24:51/24:20/24:49)
Cold and stiff first 6k, then ok, but didn't feel really good. held pace til the end, but working at it.
Time: 2:30
Temp: 7C/45F
Weight: 60.8kg
10:30am - weights and abs in gym

20k @5:20 1:46:41 (recovery)
Felt fairly good, although legs tiring at end. Not trying to run faster than 5:25-30.

20k @4:50 1:36:44 (25:14/24:51/23:19/23:20)
Legs felt fine and felt very good in general. After 2ks in 5:15/05, hit 4:57 pace and held it. Planned to come back at 4:50, but started at 4:40 and felt good, so just kept on at that pace. Good form, just felt like I was cruising along. Last k in 4:28. And after 4 20k days!
When you feel this good, all's right with the world.
Time: 2:30
Temp: 8C/46F (every day is sunny and slightly windy)
Weight: 61:3kg

Total for week: 100.4k 6:44

January 11, 2010

Almost to 120k

Week of jan 5-11.
20k @4:58. 1:39:27 (25:11/24:50/24:44/24:40)
Felt ok. Ran at 12:00, did weights and abs before that.

AM: 12k @5:45
PM: 8k track workout. 800m warmup, 6 x 1000 in 3:52/42/38/45/49/37 (200m jog, total time 6:30)
Legs felt ok at night. Lacking speed, but ran ok.

20k @5:30. 1:50:10.
Quads a bit sore, I suppose I ran too fast last night....

16k with 8k at MP
8k @5:25
8k @ 4:21 (4:16/27/18/18/26/`7/13)
Felt fairly good. Started at 5:00pm, so fairly cold and dark. Hard to see watch, which makes it hard to hold correct pace.
Wts and abs in the morning.

10k @5:45 (57:49)
Legs tired - just slogging along.

30.2k @5:24 2:42;48.
Bicycle path to and around Tamako with 13 people.9k to the lake @abt. 6:00, a little faster around, then last 7.2k @4:43 (33:56). Following Anthony and Leng Leng (girl from Singapore), who were cruising — I was all out. Legs tired!
10:30am. 8C/46F, sunny (every day is sunny).


Week total: 116.2k. 10:26.

January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all, I hope you have a good year of running in 2010.
I also hope you have set some goals for yourself. My first goal is a 3:04 and age group win at Los Angeles on March 21. Beyond that, I'm not sure, but I would like to run a good 10k and/or half marathon later in the spring and maybe also in the fall. I'd like to be on top of a few categories in my age group in the Younger Legs for Older Runners rankings.

My year finished, and began, with a nice week of training.
12k@4:50 (58:01)
Actually wanted to run 20, but only had time for 12, so ran at a faster pace.

AM: 12k@5:29
PM: 8k@5:11 (6 pairs of 110m/60m hills, running hard up each hill)

20k@5:23 (1:47:35)
This is a recovery run.

16k with 8k at Marathon Pace.
8k@5:29 (43:53). 8k@4:21 (34:45) 4:17/30/21/23/24/20/13/15.
Successful MP run! Ate and drank a lot yesterday, but felt ok. Legs a bit tired, but holding the pace was not a problem.
Time: 2:30
Weight: 61.7kg
Shoes: 220g
Temp: 8C/46F, sunny

20k@5:24 (1:48:07)

24k@4:57 (1:58:34)
4k warmup in 21:29, then 5ks in 25:03/24:36/24:16/23:08. Last 2k: 4:30, 4:23
Felt good. Wanted to run 5:00 pace or faster, so was happy with the run.
Time: 2:30
Weight: 61.1kg
Temp: 9C/48F, sunny

Monday - Rest

Each day, my left knee is stiff on stairs and for about 800m of the run, then it's ok. Strange...
Total for week: 112km/70mi, 9:39.