January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all, I hope you have a good year of running in 2010.
I also hope you have set some goals for yourself. My first goal is a 3:04 and age group win at Los Angeles on March 21. Beyond that, I'm not sure, but I would like to run a good 10k and/or half marathon later in the spring and maybe also in the fall. I'd like to be on top of a few categories in my age group in the Younger Legs for Older Runners rankings.

My year finished, and began, with a nice week of training.
12k@4:50 (58:01)
Actually wanted to run 20, but only had time for 12, so ran at a faster pace.

AM: 12k@5:29
PM: 8k@5:11 (6 pairs of 110m/60m hills, running hard up each hill)

20k@5:23 (1:47:35)
This is a recovery run.

16k with 8k at Marathon Pace.
8k@5:29 (43:53). 8k@4:21 (34:45) 4:17/30/21/23/24/20/13/15.
Successful MP run! Ate and drank a lot yesterday, but felt ok. Legs a bit tired, but holding the pace was not a problem.
Time: 2:30
Weight: 61.7kg
Shoes: 220g
Temp: 8C/46F, sunny

20k@5:24 (1:48:07)

24k@4:57 (1:58:34)
4k warmup in 21:29, then 5ks in 25:03/24:36/24:16/23:08. Last 2k: 4:30, 4:23
Felt good. Wanted to run 5:00 pace or faster, so was happy with the run.
Time: 2:30
Weight: 61.1kg
Temp: 9C/48F, sunny

Monday - Rest

Each day, my left knee is stiff on stairs and for about 800m of the run, then it's ok. Strange...
Total for week: 112km/70mi, 9:39.


  1. Happy New Year Bob. I guess you've tried glucosomine for the knee?

    I didn't realise how good the 3:04 will be. It beats Scott Brown's PB by age - but when he runs 2:37...

  2. I note your weight is up. Is this a plan to give you more power?

  3. Yes, I take my glucosamine faithfully every morning.
    As for the 3:04...haven't run it yet.
    And as for my weight, no, that was due to the holidays.