January 24, 2010

Pretty Good Week

Week of Jan 18 - 24

10k @5:25
Legs felt fine, which was a bit surprising after the brisk 20k run the day before.
Ran today because I have to go to Nagano on Wednesday and may not be able to run.

20k @5:29
Legs a bit tired. Did this as a recovery day.
AM: weights and abs in the gym.

Rest. Not back in time to run at the track at night.

24k. 4k warmup @5:30. 20k @4:55 1:38:18 (24:58/24:48/24:40/23:50)
Planned an easy run like most Thursdays, but after 2k decided to go at 5:00 pace since yesterday was a rest day.
Felt ok. Picked up last 2k. Running with the wind the last 8k.
Time: 3:00
Temp: 16C/61F —> 10C/50F
Weight: 61.1kg
Shoes: 300g

20k @5:28. Legs kind of tired.
AM: weights and abs in the gym.

24k. 4k warmup @5:31. 20k @4:45 1:34:52 (24:56/24:41/23:20/21:52)
Last 5k @ 4:27/26/25/20/13
Felt very good. Planned about 4:45 for the last 10k, but decided to pick up the last 5k and felt good enough to hold the pace.
Joachim says to try to finish the long runs at a faster pace, so I did! (To my surprise.)
Time: 3:00
Temp: 10C/50F
Weight: 60.6kg (no lunch, just a gel pack before running. Also carried a gel pack and took it after 12k.) Reminds me that I really prefer running on an empty stomach.
Shoes: 230g (light)

20k @5:40
Legs not sore, although they got tired the last 8k. Was not even checking my watch, just running easy to get the time on my feet. After yesterday, 20k feels like a nice accomplishment. Did not feel the need to go an extra 2k.

Total for Week: 118k/73m 10:23
Looking ahead; 5,000m time trial on Wed. Long run on Sunday. Cut back the following week.


  1. Things are going along well. Should be starting to feel confident Bob. Just hold it together from now...

  2. That's another great week Bob. You're handling the multiple 20k runs well. It'll be interesting to see how the 5000 goes.

    By the way, wish I had the legs at the end of a long run to follow Joachim's advice ;)