January 11, 2010

Almost to 120k

Week of jan 5-11.
20k @4:58. 1:39:27 (25:11/24:50/24:44/24:40)
Felt ok. Ran at 12:00, did weights and abs before that.

AM: 12k @5:45
PM: 8k track workout. 800m warmup, 6 x 1000 in 3:52/42/38/45/49/37 (200m jog, total time 6:30)
Legs felt ok at night. Lacking speed, but ran ok.

20k @5:30. 1:50:10.
Quads a bit sore, I suppose I ran too fast last night....

16k with 8k at MP
8k @5:25
8k @ 4:21 (4:16/27/18/18/26/`7/13)
Felt fairly good. Started at 5:00pm, so fairly cold and dark. Hard to see watch, which makes it hard to hold correct pace.
Wts and abs in the morning.

10k @5:45 (57:49)
Legs tired - just slogging along.

30.2k @5:24 2:42;48.
Bicycle path to and around Tamako with 13 people.9k to the lake @abt. 6:00, a little faster around, then last 7.2k @4:43 (33:56). Following Anthony and Leng Leng (girl from Singapore), who were cruising — I was all out. Legs tired!
10:30am. 8C/46F, sunny (every day is sunny).


Week total: 116.2k. 10:26.


  1. Good week Bob.
    Of course you may have found it a little harder had you been running here in Melbourne where it was 43 yesterday and hottest night ever last night. :-)

  2. That's a lot of ks Bob. Hope you haven't been listening to Scott Brown - he's full of s#!t ;)

    Thanks for your thoughts about 1500/marathon at the same time. If I decide to run a marathon I would do a full program for it starting 12 weeks out. Until the end of the track season, it's just a slightly longer long run each week, a track session and a track race.

  3. Your are superman...really! I always knew you were fast but when I was in HS I never realized how fast you really are. Super impressive your weekly workouts. Too bad you are not closer. Maybe I would have a chance to become faster. Latest on Japan is that it is going to happen. Details on person to swap are happening this week. Should finally know for sure by next week!! Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe every once in awhile I would be able to come out for track workouts and would love to run long on the weekends when I can. Happy to have your blog so I can get some great track workout ideas from you! Starting to lift as well and do more abs. Keep it up. You will have no problems getting your goal in LA!!

  4. Bob, thanks for visiting my blog. You are putting up some great mileage.

    LA sounds like fun but I'm already committed to Little Rock, AR in March. Don't think I'm ready for two in one month...

  5. If I decide to run a marathon I would do a full program for it starting 12 weeks out. But I would have established my maximum weekly mileage before then. "Established" means have already achieved and am comfortable with the long running. I am looking forward to reading your blog now that I have discovered it.

  6. Hi Speedygeoff. Thanks for reading.
    Yes, that's a good plan. That's what I did before my 18-week program leading to my marathon in December. At least I was comfortable with the lower end of the program. As it went on, the mileage increased, but that was ok.