August 29, 2010

Recovery Week

Week of Aug. 23 ~ 29

Plan: 10/10/15/10/15/18.6 - 78.6km
Ran: 10/10/15/0/15/18.6 - 68.6km / 42.6 mi. 6:41

A strange recovery week, with a 5,000m time trial, then a marathon pace 5k in a 15k, then 2 hours of hills on Sunday. But one extra day of rest. That's because tomorrow (Monday) will not be a rest day, because the American School X-country team starts practice.
By the way, my fall races will be: a Half on Sept. 26, a 10k on Oct. 10, a Half on Nov. 7, and a full marathon (Tsukuba) on Nov. 28. The first three are speed work for the marathon.


10:30 - Weights and core at the gym.
5:00 - 10k. 58:54 (29:55/28:59)
Legs stiff and heavy. Ran in old Mizuno's zero dropped (that is, I cut the heels off). I don't know where that term came from, but it seems to be what people are using. So they went from 240g to 205g. They felt ok.
Weather: 31C/88F, 50%
Weight: 59.6kg

7:30 - 10k. 2k warmup, 5000m time trial, 3k more (1200m barefoot).
18:49. 3:49/43/50/47/40. Legs felt good. Running with Yoshida-san all the way, which helped a lot (he is generally a bit faster than me over 5k (much faster over a marathon)). Kicked well, with last 400 in 84.
Wore new super-light shoes - Asics Sortie Japan Lyte, which I hope to use for the marathon. They weigh 145g on my scale (previous lightest shoes were 180). They weighed 160 in the store, but actually their scale said 1.6kg, so it was only accurate in steps of 100g, and in fact, did not look very accurate. I trust my own scale more and anyway that is what I weighed all my other shoes on. Anyway, they are very light!
They felt great, except that in the last k the bottom of my left foot hurt. I was worried about this (too light?) but ran in them Thursday and realized...ah ha! they were laced too tightly. My left foot is bigger, so when I lace shoes too tightly, the bottom of the foot (for some reason) starts to hurt. This happened once before, but I had forgotten about it. Anyway, I loosened them up and they were fine over 15k. I'll try them in the three races and for one long run prior to the marathon.
Weather: 29C/84F

5:00 - 15k. 1:15:14. @5:01
27:40/26:09/21:25 @5:32/14/4:17. Last k 4:07
New shoes again. Planned last 5k @4:30-4:40. Seemed to have forgotten that this is a recovery week.
Weather: 32C/90F, 40% > 30C/86F, 50%
Weight: 59.4kg

Rest - Business trip
Planned 10k early in the morning but decided to take a rest day since I ran fast the last two days and next Monday will not be a rest day.

10:00 - Weights and core at gym.
4:00 - 15k. 1:21:54. @5:27
28:50/27:21/25:42 @5:45/28/09
Felt only so-so, legs stiff.
Weather: 32C/90F, 40%

18.6k. 2:17:32. Out: 1:15:00 very easy. In: 1:02:32 moderate.
On the Ome trial course. Through the woods, constant up and down, with some major climbs, including up large steps (roots and rocks) where you just haul yourself up slowly. Last 4k at a decent pace. Legs were pretty tired at the end.
Weather: 34C/93F, although cooler on the trial, which is completely in the shade. (Still hot of course.) Used Camelback and drank a liter and a half of sports drink.

August 22, 2010

Another 140k Week

Week of Aug. 16 ~ 22

Plan: 25/30/5/25/20/35
Ran: 25/30/0/25/25/35 = 140k / 87 mi. 13:04

Had to go on a business trip on Thursday, so planned only 5k in the morning, however, after 4 runs the preceding two days, even 5k in the early morning was too much. But made it up on Saturday.


9:30 - 10k. 57:36 29:30/28:06
11:30 - Weights and core at gym.
5:00 - 15k. 1:20:59. @5:24
28:27/26:47/25:45 @5:42/21/7
Felt ok coming back although legs a bit heavy.
Weather: 33C/91F, 40%
Weight: 59.2kg

10:30 - 15k. 1:26:44 @5:47
7:30 - 15k. 9k @6:00. Track workout: 800x4, 800x3.
Legs tired, easy pace. 2:30 walk after each, but 400 jog after 4th. Last one barefoot.
10:30 - 33C/91F. 7:30 - 28C/82F

Rest - business trip all day.

10:00 - 5k. 28:23
5:30 - 20k. 1:41:42. @5:06
27:58/26:53/23:37/23:12 @ 5:36/22/4:42/39
Last k in 4:25. Felt ok after 5k. Planned to run last 10k @ 4:40.
Weather: 29C/84F, 50%
Weight: 59.7kg

9:30 - 5k. 29:59
4:30 - 20k. 2:00:27. @6:01
Legs real tired (as expected, from quick pace 10k yesterday). Just tried to maintain this easy pace.
Weather: 32C/90F > 28C/82F, 50%
Weight: 59.5kg

3:45 - 35k. 3:15:42. @5:36
Legs felt tired going out. Was thinking of cutting it to 30k, but forged on. Felt really tired at halfway point and walked around for a bit. Then coming back, kept feeling better and better. Part psychological? part due to temp dropping somewhat? Stopped for water 8 times (with a bit of stretching each time).
Weather: 33C/91F > 29C/84F, 40%
Weight: 59.7kg

Next week will be a recovery week, which I definitely need (last 3 were 130/140/140). 80-90k with a 5k time trial on Wednesday.

August 16, 2010

141k - No Aches or Pains

Week of Aug. 9 ~ 15

Plan: 20/20/20/25/20/35 = 140k
Ran: 20/21/25/20/20/35 = 141k / 87.6 mi. 12:39

Top Namban runner Brett Larner says that he found several plateaus as he increased his training. When you reach and maintain those levels, you show improvement. His were 80k, 100k, 130k and 160k per week. In other words, running 120 a week does not do you much more good than running 100, but if you can do 130, you will show more improvement. I would agree that above 100 (62 mi.) seems to make a difference. Since I have been doing that consistently, my quads are never sore anymore. I'm hoping that 130 or in my case 140 is another plateau.


11:00 - Weights and core at gym.
4:00 20k. 1:45:27 @5:16.
28:44/27:03/25:12/24:26 @5:45/24/02/4:53
Legs not moving too well going out, but ok coming back.
Weather: 30C/86F, 60% > 28C/82F, 60%
Weight: 59.4kg

12:00 - 12k. 1:08:04 @5:43
35:05/32:58 @5:51/30 (32C/90F)
7:30 - 9k. 400 x 4 x 3 sets.
Nice pace. All 95-105, but last one in 87. Last 4 barefoot.

2:00 - 25k. 2:13:42. @5:21
Pace varied quite a bit as I slowed to run with another runner the 3rd and 4th 5ks.
Weather: 28C/82F (felt cool!), rain at start, nice at finish.

9:00 - 10k. 54:04 @5:24. 29:21/24:43. (28C/82F)
11:00 - Weights and core at gym.
1:00 - 10k. 48:15.
26:08/22:07 @5:13/4:25.
Felt pretty good at 1:00. Didn't plan to run 2nd 5k so fast...a bit surprising (in the heat).
Weather: 30C/86F, 50%

4:15 - 20k. 1:45:03 @5:15
26:49/29:18/25:46/26:08 @5:21/15/9/13
Legs a bit tired, but felt ok. Running easily...had to force myself to slow down last 7k.
Weather: 30C/86F, 50%
Weight: 59.5kg

4:00 - 35k. 3:12:39 @5:30
29:27/28:48/28:05/27:46/26:13/26:41/25:36 @5:54/45/36/33/14/20/06
Legs felt just "ok." Took it easy going out, picked up the pace without really trying to the last 15k. Felt ok the last 5k.
Really sweated a lot the whole way - more than usual. Stopped for water 6 times.
Weather: 32C/90F, 50% > 30C/86F, 65% (still 30° at 7pm)
Weight: 60.1kg (pancake brunch).

August 9, 2010

Train to 140K Derailed by a Stubbed Toe

Week of Aug. 2 ~ 8

Plan: 25/20/25/15/20/35 = 140km
Ran: 25/20/30/0/20/35 = 130km / 81 mi. 11:42

Had to go on a business trip on Friday, so decided to do 30 on Thursday and 10 on Friday morning, however, I smashed my little toe into a door on Thursday night and it was still very sore on Friday morning. To tell the truth, my legs were trashed from the 30 on Thursday, so I probably would not have run anyway. Would have had to run at 7:30 in the morning, which for this spoiled freelancer is pure agony. Finished the week with a good 35k, though, moving at a good clip the last 5k.


9:30am - 10k. 56:04 28:39/27:26 (32C/90F)
11:30 - Weights and core at the gym.
5:30 - 15k 1:23:34 @5:36
28:33/23/26:56 @5:42/39/23 (33C/91F)
Weight: 60kg

High Noon: 12k. 1:08:22 28:47/25/11:09 (32C/90F)
7:30 pm - 8k. 1000m x 6 on the track
Felt good. Cruising easily the first 3, so ran the next 3 with the top 3 people in the B group and still felt easy.
6 x 100m barefoot.
Weight: 59.4kg
Temp: 28C/82F

4:00 - 30k. 2:39:00 1:23:22/1:15:38
@ 5:18 5:35/5:03
5k splits got a bit screwed up.
Temp: 33C/91F

Rest - away all day.

11:00 am -20k. 1:48:55 @5:26
28:30/27:44/26:58/25:31 @5:42/33/24/06
Felt ok after 4k. Not pushing at all. Heat not too bad - run is mostly in the shade and there was a breeze. Toe was ok.
Weather: 31C/88F, 45% > 32C/90F, 40%
Weight: 60kg
Shoes: 225g

3:30pm - 35k. 3:03:50 @5:15
@ 5:42/30/30/24/07/4:55/4:36 last k 4:27
Shady course, cloudy day, breeze, so did not feel hot. Felt ok going out, good last 15k and surprisingly good last 5k. Drank water 6 times and ate 5 Gu Chomps.
Temp: 30C/86F, 50% > 28C/82F, 60%
Weight: 60kg
Shoes: 182g. Interesting - I used to use these only for racing 5k, with a cushiony insole, now I run 35k in them with no insole.

August 2, 2010

"Easy" Week

Week of July 26 ~ Aug. 1

Plan: 15/15/10/10/15/20/10 = 95km
Ran: 15/15/11/10/18.5/18/15 = 102.5km / 64 mi. 9:44

This was a recovery week - about 100k spread out over 7 days - but it did include a 5k time trial and a hilly 18k run.

5:00pm - 15k. 1:27:42 @5:51
Took yesterday off, so ran today. Legs stiff and tired, was thinking about 20k, but decided 15 was enough.
Weather: 30C/86F, 60%
Weight: 60.1kg

11:30 - Weights and core at gym.
3:00 - 15k. 1:22:21 @5:30.
29:45/27:16/25:19 @5:58/27/04
On shady course. Felt ok last 5k, but not really "good."
Weather: 32C/90F, 45%

7:30pm - 5,000m time trial in 19:01.
3:48/51/48/50/43 Last 400m in 86.
Felt ok, running with club member Juergen. Hot, but not too bad. Quite windy.
Had time for long warmup, so legs felt ok.
2000m warmdown (actually extra distance) barefoot.
Weather: 28C/82F
Weight: 60.2kg
Shoes: 182g (lightest, no insoles)

11:00 - 10k. 55:59 29:13/26:46
Legs stiff from time trial.
Weather: 26C/79F, light rain, very humid

9:00 - 5k. 28:08 15;11/12:57
11:00 - Weights and core at gym
7:00 - 13.5k. 1:11:19
Farewell run for Christian Sommer. (Namban is losing one of our best runners).
Included 3 laps around the Detached Palace ( 3 x 3.3k) with 2.5 at a good pace (about 4:48).
Weight: 59.8kg

18k but distance approximate. 1:57
Namban run in Kamakura with 36 people. (Not everyone did 18k). Farewell run for Arnaud and Leng Leng, who are going back to Singapore and who will be missed. About 2k flat, then 3k of hills, then 2k flat, then 6k of hilly trials, 1k flat easy, 4k flat along beach road at a good pace (last k working hard thanks to Juergen and Paddy).
Relaxing at a beach club and a fun dinner. A great day.

15k. 1:22:36 @5:30
At Tsudanuma (Makuhari) (visiting father-in-law). Measured this with the car and later with Map My Run, which were in close agreement. The strange thing is, I don't think I was running 5:30 pace. The first 2k were about 6:00. After that I picked up the pace, but not much and there are some marked kilometers that I was doing in 5:40, which seemed right, and which I held til the end. Strange....
Anyway, I'll call it 15k and see what happens the next time I run it.
3:00 - 32C/90F
Next week hope to be back up to 140k.