November 9, 2019

Throw Away Your Old Ultralight Shoes

That's my advice after wearing a pair to do a 5,000m time trial. It went well, ran 20:50 at the multiclub TT on a cool, windless evening with pacemakers (stayed on the 21-minute person's shoulder). Took the next day off, then ran 14k the following day, which was ok. Then the next day, my right calf started to hurt after 5k. Turned around and jogged home. Tried to run the next day but only got 2k before it got sore. Took another day off, then tried to jog but only got 8 minutes before it got sore - more sore than the other day.

So it looks like at least six days off - today is the third day of rest and it's still very tight and a bit sore. Maybe more than six days....

Ever since tearing a calf muscle about two years ago, I'm sensitive about my calves, but obviously not sensitive enough.  I've used those shoes for a time trial before, with no ill effects, but I guess I was just lucky.

So my advice is: super light shoes with very little cushioning? Trash them!