September 30, 2012

In Boston, Out of Training

Well, the Boston Marathon selection committee finally verified my Tokyo Marathon time and let me into their race. So that's good news.

Bad news is my knee is still sore, so am not running at all. But I think I will be in two or three weeks. As long as I can start training in November, that should be enough time to get ready for Boston in April.

Last year the 65-69 age group was won in 3:17, but it was extremely hot. In 2011, a more typical year, it was won in 3:04. So that's what I'll be aiming for. Coincidentally, that's what I've been aiming for for the last few years, so this time I've got to train hard/smart enough to actually make it.

If anyone else is going to Boston, let me know.

September 23, 2012

Knee Seems Totally Trashed

So I rested for seven days, then ran 3.4k on Tuesday, of which 1.6k was at 5:00/k pace. That's all. And on Wednesday I could barely walk.
The knee is still sore today. So I guess it's in pretty bad shape. Have been to the acupuncturist twice, which helps a bit, but not a lot. He thinks it will probably take a month to heal.

What caused it? I think it was a partly from doing squats, but more from not having run much (hardly at all) for three and a half months. My muscles (especially the quads that support the knee) just got so weak that an 8k run with 4k at a decent pace simply tore up the knee.

Apparently, when you're not running, you have to keep working your leg muscles, with exercises and I have also been told that the elliptical machine is good. And then get back into it VERY slowly.

So hopefully, in a month, I will be running again...slowly.

Still haven't heard from Boston. Strange, I think.

September 17, 2012

No running, but a different injury!

Just to keep things interesting, my right knee was hurting all week. I think it was mainly from doing too many squats in an effort to strengthen glutes and hamstrings. And running a bit too hard last Sunday. No more squats!
I'll try it out tomorrow and if it's ok, run easily every other day for a while.

Applied to Boston. They asked for a fax of my Tokyo marathon certificate (as TM does not post results on their homepage). Sent it to them, but have not heard back from them. Since I am WAY under the QT for my age, I should get in. I'll email them if I don't hear today.

September 9, 2012

Four Runs ... Use Sunscreen!

Week of Sept. 3 ~ 9

Did four runs this week. Hamstring was very slightly sore, but does not seem to be "seriously" sore. But now my right knee is sore. Ha ha. Maybe that's from the squats I have been doing (to strengthen glutes/hamstrings). I think I will stop doing them and go back to my regular glutes exercise:
Lie flat on your back. Pull legs up so feet are flat on the floor, right behind your behind. Extend left leg out straight at a 30° angle and also right arm. Right foot is still flat on floor. Push up with right leg, while pressing down with left arm. You will be using your right glute muscles. Push up strongly. Hold for a few seconds, then come back down. Then do the other side. Do 10 on each side, 3 sets.
This is great for strengthening the glutes to prevent hamstring problems.

Temperature every day was about 30 degrees.

7.4k Intervals with cross country team girls.
400 x 4, 800 x 2, 400 x2. Fiarly easy: 1:40 400s, 3:35 800s.

10.2k run with a rest at halfway point. With the girls again.
About 5:35/k out, 5:20/k in. Quads a bit sore from yesterday.

4:00 - 6k in 5:50/30/13/15/03/4:53
Felt heavy (I am heavy). Focusing on midfoot striking and straight up/down are swing.

4:00 - 8k with first 4k easy, second 4k in 4:54/52/47/47. Hamstring getting a bit sore at the end. Should run an easier pace, but just felt like running a decent pace for a change.

The good news is, my butt is no longer sore when I run.

Oh, and on Wednesday I had a dark mole removed from my back and a weird sore removed from my shin that hadn't gone away for like a year. The skin doctor said that they were not cancerous, but could possible become so, so it was better to remove them. He just stuck a needle in with painkiller and cut them out. Took about 45 minutes.
We should all be afraid of skin cancer, so make sure you use plenty of sunscreen everywhere, every time you run. Don't need to tell the Aussies this, but the rest of you need to keep it in mind.

Here's to good running!
PS: Going to apply for Boston tomorrow.

September 2, 2012

3 Runs, Little Pain, Encouraging

Sept. 2
Did three runs in the past eight days, Saturday, Tuesday and Friday. Saturday and Tuesday were about 6k very easy, with no hamstring pain. Friday was a bit harder, 3 x 1 mile with the American School cross-country team girls, total about 8k. That brought slight pain, but nothing drastic. Took the past two days off, so I'll see how it is tomorrow. I think the healing process is proceeding nicely. At least, I hope so.