September 23, 2012

Knee Seems Totally Trashed

So I rested for seven days, then ran 3.4k on Tuesday, of which 1.6k was at 5:00/k pace. That's all. And on Wednesday I could barely walk.
The knee is still sore today. So I guess it's in pretty bad shape. Have been to the acupuncturist twice, which helps a bit, but not a lot. He thinks it will probably take a month to heal.

What caused it? I think it was a partly from doing squats, but more from not having run much (hardly at all) for three and a half months. My muscles (especially the quads that support the knee) just got so weak that an 8k run with 4k at a decent pace simply tore up the knee.

Apparently, when you're not running, you have to keep working your leg muscles, with exercises and I have also been told that the elliptical machine is good. And then get back into it VERY slowly.

So hopefully, in a month, I will be running again...slowly.

Still haven't heard from Boston. Strange, I think.


  1. this doesn't sound good, Bob. Hope you get the right treatment and the knee will be ok soon.

  2. hope your recovery goes well.

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  4. If it's not one thing it's another! From an outsider's perspective it must be interesting reading how us runners keep battling injury and getting new ones. But for us it's a never ending source of frustration!

    Still I like your resolve and style! You don't complain, too much, and just get on with the job of getting better.

    Good on you Bob and all the best.

  5. As Scott said, I like your attitude Bob - nothing of the whinging Pom about you, just get on with it.