September 17, 2012

No running, but a different injury!

Just to keep things interesting, my right knee was hurting all week. I think it was mainly from doing too many squats in an effort to strengthen glutes and hamstrings. And running a bit too hard last Sunday. No more squats!
I'll try it out tomorrow and if it's ok, run easily every other day for a while.

Applied to Boston. They asked for a fax of my Tokyo marathon certificate (as TM does not post results on their homepage). Sent it to them, but have not heard back from them. Since I am WAY under the QT for my age, I should get in. I'll email them if I don't hear today.

1 comment:

  1. Hope you get in Bob (and get your injuries sorted prior to the training block). That's odd about no online results for Tokyo. I'd better do Osaka instead ;)