June 27, 2016

Same Again, Slightly Faster

Week of June 20 ~ 26

Brexit week - that was fun, wasn't it? Actually, it was for me, since I trade gold mining co. funds, which spiked up...way up. And I was holding a lot, he he.
For those of you holding stocks, my condolences. But don't worry, what goes down will go back up (google Elliott Wave Theory).

As for running, I had a pretty good week there also. Same program as last week, just ran a bit faster on Wednesday night and Sunday. Not fast, just a wee bit faster.

Mon - Rest, physio
Tue - 60 mins.
Wed - Massage, then 69 mins with 1000 x 5, 500 x 2, blazing along at a 5:00/k pace.
Thu - 60 mins., physio
Fri - 60 mins., gym workout
Sat - 60 mins.
Sun - 90 mins., all the way up to 15.5k

Total time: 6:39
Total distance: 66k

Next week - a bit longer.

June 19, 2016

Slightly Longer, No Ill Effects

Got back into a regular rhythm this week, with no soreness while running.
I've been going to a physio place that opened in my town called Egaodo (Smile Way? - do as in judo/aikido) which I think has helped a lot (of course, the problem might also have resolved itself with no help....). They seem to know what they're doing, and they're very friendly, so I like going there.

Anyway, I ran
Mon - rest
Tue - 60'
Wed - 77 mins (warmup plus intervals, which I ran a bit faster than usual - 5:30/k!)
Thu/Fri/Sat - 60' each
Sun - 90'
For a total of 67.1km

Will keep up the easy pace for another month, after which I will do one good workout a week. Will probably do the same next week, then increase the running time some more.

Scott: I don't think your best days are past!

June 12, 2016

Starting Up Again

So with my new commitment to running by time rather than distance (but still logging the distance, of course), here is the last two weeks.

Running pain-free, by the way, which is very nice, but don't plan to try to run fast for at least another month - and even then, only once a week.

All of this is at an easy pace - 6:00 - 6:15/km. I'll gradually increase the time over the coming weeks and months.

5/30 — 6/12

Mon - 0
Tue - 40, 30 (11:00, gym, 3:30)
Wed - 30, 70 (11:00, 6:30)
Thu - 50
Fri - 50 (+ gym)
Sat - 0
Sun - 56 (10K race, which I ran at this easy pace)
Distance: 53.3k

Mon - 40
Tue - 50 (+ gym)
Wed - 40, 80 (11:30, 6:30)
Thu - 50
Fri - 30
Sat - 50
Sun - 60
Distance: 64.2k

I haven't gained much weight, only about 1kg, so hoping to regain fitness before too long.