June 27, 2016

Same Again, Slightly Faster

Week of June 20 ~ 26

Brexit week - that was fun, wasn't it? Actually, it was for me, since I trade gold mining co. funds, which spiked up...way up. And I was holding a lot, he he.
For those of you holding stocks, my condolences. But don't worry, what goes down will go back up (google Elliott Wave Theory).

As for running, I had a pretty good week there also. Same program as last week, just ran a bit faster on Wednesday night and Sunday. Not fast, just a wee bit faster.

Mon - Rest, physio
Tue - 60 mins.
Wed - Massage, then 69 mins with 1000 x 5, 500 x 2, blazing along at a 5:00/k pace.
Thu - 60 mins., physio
Fri - 60 mins., gym workout
Sat - 60 mins.
Sun - 90 mins., all the way up to 15.5k

Total time: 6:39
Total distance: 66k

Next week - a bit longer.

1 comment:

  1. Good joke about 5 min/k pace being blazing Bob. Nice week there. Haven't heard of Elliot Wave Theory, only the 'Dead Cat Bounce' theory... Throw a cat out of a tall building and it will bounce. But not a lot ;)