June 19, 2016

Slightly Longer, No Ill Effects

Got back into a regular rhythm this week, with no soreness while running.
I've been going to a physio place that opened in my town called Egaodo (Smile Way? - do as in judo/aikido) which I think has helped a lot (of course, the problem might also have resolved itself with no help....). They seem to know what they're doing, and they're very friendly, so I like going there.

Anyway, I ran
Mon - rest
Tue - 60'
Wed - 77 mins (warmup plus intervals, which I ran a bit faster than usual - 5:30/k!)
Thu/Fri/Sat - 60' each
Sun - 90'
For a total of 67.1km

Will keep up the easy pace for another month, after which I will do one good workout a week. Will probably do the same next week, then increase the running time some more.

Scott: I don't think your best days are past!


  1. Nice going Bob. Neither do I re Scott's best days. It's only his best jokes that are past.

  2. Went to an osteopath prior to my back spasm after feeling a little tightness on my right side. Looking back a massage therapist might have been a better bet and cheaper too. I think the key here with any practitioner is to visit regularly. Maintenance not repair.