June 12, 2016

Starting Up Again

So with my new commitment to running by time rather than distance (but still logging the distance, of course), here is the last two weeks.

Running pain-free, by the way, which is very nice, but don't plan to try to run fast for at least another month - and even then, only once a week.

All of this is at an easy pace - 6:00 - 6:15/km. I'll gradually increase the time over the coming weeks and months.

5/30 — 6/12

Mon - 0
Tue - 40, 30 (11:00, gym, 3:30)
Wed - 30, 70 (11:00, 6:30)
Thu - 50
Fri - 50 (+ gym)
Sat - 0
Sun - 56 (10K race, which I ran at this easy pace)
Distance: 53.3k

Mon - 40
Tue - 50 (+ gym)
Wed - 40, 80 (11:30, 6:30)
Thu - 50
Fri - 30
Sat - 50
Sun - 60
Distance: 64.2k

I haven't gained much weight, only about 1kg, so hoping to regain fitness before too long.


  1. Interesting Bob. Time is probably more relevant especially when judging the overall load/stress of training. A 60 minute steady run is the same for a weekend warrior and an Olympian. An average runner racing a half marathon in 2 hours is giving her body a harder time than an elite runner taking 70 minutes for the same race.

  2. I've also come around to the idea that running by time is the best option and think I wouldn't have picked up so many injuries had I been training like that from the get go. Reckon going minimalist too soon and for too long hobbled me too.But that's a rant for my blog. Good to hear you're back running pain free and easy. This should set you up for some good racing end this year, start of next and beyond.

  3. Hi Bob. Scott has promised to break a few of my toes if I run the easy days ahead too fast. You'd think after 3 years running I might have worked it out by now. Your latest post is yet another reminder that in this game patience is everything. Glad to hear you are well on the mend.

  4. I've been doing all of my running by time for the last 10 years. Seems to work for me.

    1. I also have been doing the one moderate to fast day a week for a while. It also seems to work for me.