July 28, 2015

Bangkok Weather

Week of Jul 20 ~ 26

62km / 38.5 mi.

Up to 35C/95F on Saturday and Sunday. However, some like it hot, and I am one of them.

Monday2:00 - 12k with 6k tempo in 27:57 @4:39/k.
Felt ok, although legs a bit tired.
34C/93F, 50%

Weight machines and core training.

7:30 - club track workout. 12k with 6.2 warmup, 400m x 12.
90-100 sec. in between, with 3:00 after the 6th.
Split everyone up into groups of about 10, which worked well.
Felt pretty good, running with faster guys, so worked hard. Times significantly faster than when running alone.
29C/84F, 60% (at the track)

2:00 - 8k easy.

12:00 - Yes, ran at noon, because I had to go to a meeting later.
8k with 4k tempo in 4:55/5:04/4:55/4:47
Problem was not so much the heat, but legs not recovered from Wed.
Only ran 4 because going to do a longish trail run on Sunday.
33C/91F, 50%

12:00 - Weights and core
2:00 6k easy

1:00 16k at seaside town of Kamakura, south of Tokyo. Club trip to the beach.
Did a very easy 6k with a group of 34 in 42:00, partly through the town and partly on a trail (steep in parts). Then 10k at a faster pace with a group of about 10 in 1:02:36, mostly on trails with quite a number of steep climbs/descents. All in all, pretty tough on the legs.
Very hot, but cooler up in the wooded trails. Lots of beer afterwards!

July 19, 2015

Summer's Here and the Runnin Ain't Easy

Week of July 13 ~ 19

54km / 33.5 mi.

4:00 - 34C/93F in the shade. 10k run with 5k tempo, cut back from the usual 12/6. Also because my legs were still a bit heavy from last week.
Tempo run was at 4:41/k, ok for the heat. Did NOT feel like running another km.

Weight machines and core at the gym.

7:30pm - club track workout. 13k with 6.2 wrmup, then 400 wrmup, 1200/600, 1200/600, 1200/600. The object being to run the 1200s at a moderate pace, take a short rest, then push the 600s to the limit. Then a longer rest.
Splits were 4:57/2:07, 4:56/2:13. 5:01/2:15. 1 min after the 12s, 3:30 after the 6s.
Not very fast, the problem being I ate and drank (latte) a bit too much in the late afternoon, so my stomach felt very heavy. Felt it esp. on the 600s, which were painful.
Abt 26C/79F

3:00 - 6k very easy.
27C/81F, 90%!

3:30 - 31C and 65% humidity, but gave the 400s a go.
11k with 400m x 10 with 90 sec rest.
Hard efforts, good for 31 degrees, I suppose.
After jogging 1k of the 2k back home, my left calf started to hurt, so walked the final k.
PS: Totally forgot about going to the gym!

Being very cautious about the calf, so took a rest day.

2:30 - 14k at an easy pace. No problem, but didn't feel like running any more, as I began to feel it in the quads.
34C/93F, but only 45% humidity and cloudy, so didn't feel too hot.

July 14, 2015

Training Going Nicely

Week of July 6 ~ 12

66km / 41 mi.

3:30 - 12k with 6k easy, 6k at tempo pace of 4:30/k.
Quads a bit heavy, but felt fine.
22C/72F, 94%, light rain

Weights and core at the gym.

7:30pm - club track workout.
400 (warmup), 800, 1000, 1200, 1000, 800, 600
2:57, 3:46, 4:44, 3:42, 3:12, 2:06
Felt good, Ran the first 800 and the 1200 fairly hard, and the 1000s all out. 3:42 was nice, best time since last Oct. 1. On the 600 I somehow just took off on the last 300. Rocketed past the three people I had been following and just kept going, smoothly and powerfully. No idea where that came from. 2:06 is an 84 400 pace, but the splits were probably 89/79. Ok, not blinding speed, but pretty good for me at this point, esp. at the end of a workout.
22C/72F, 100%, light rain

8k very easy, just a jog.

1:00 Weights and core at the gym.
4:00 - 12k with 6k warmup, then 250m hill x 10, jog down. Did them all at a good pace. 1k back home.

8k very easy, quads heavy.

12k even easier, legs _really_ heavy.
29C/84F, 70%

July 5, 2015

Finally a Proper Training Week

Week of Jun 29 ~ Jul 5

66.4km / 41.3 mi.

Got up close to 70k and did three hard workouts.

3:30  12k with 6k easy, 6k tempo @ 4:27/k.
Felt fine on the tempo run, no problem.
26C/79F, 50%

Rest day. Weights and core at the gym.

Track workout. 12k with 5k warmup, 1000m x 6.
4:00/3:52/52/54/55/44. (200m jog in 2', 30-50" walk)
Felt good, back in the A group, so had lots of people to follow.
Even the last one felt good.
25C/77F, 94% humidity !!

8k easy.

1:00  weights and core at the gym.
3:30  12k with 6k warmup, then 400m x 10.
95/90/91/91/91/90/91/91/93/86 (90" walk)
Felt good, running with a nice rhythm. Quads a bit sore jogging back home.
22C/72F, 90%

8.4k easy.

14k easy.Thighs a bit sore at the end, still not recovered from the 400s.

June 28, 2015

5000m Time Trial One Minute Faster

Week of June 22 ~ 28

52.8km / 32.8 mi.

Easy 9km run as I had to meet a person from Los Angeles (Track Club LA) and talk to her about running in Japan for an article she is writing.

Gym workout

Namban Rengo 5,000m time trial.
20:38 (4:08/14/07/07/02)
Felt good. Slowed the 2nd k but picked it up with no problem. 1:03 faster than last month, so seem to be getting back into shape.
Abt. 25C/77F

Rest. Felt a very slight twinge after the 5,000, and at this point it's better to rest after an all-out 5k.

12k with 6k warmup, then 250m hill x 10. Worked pretty hard going up the hills, slow jog down.

Easy 8k. Gym workout

Easy 12k.

June 22, 2015

Plugging Away

Week of June 6 ~ 21

53km / 33 mi.

3:30 - 10K with last 4k at tempo pace (4:30/k)
28C/82F, 50%
Wt: 59.3kg

Rest day - gym workout

7:30pm - Club track workout. 400 warmup, 1200/600 x 3
This is a good workout. The object is to do the 1200 at an "average" pace, take a short rest, then run the 600 all out. Then a longish rest after the 600s.
Very humid, rain last 600.

8k easy.

Gym workout.
Chilly rain all day. After running in warm weather, I didn't feel like running in this.
And a rest day is never a bad idea.

11k. 9k easy, last 2k at 4:30/k pace.

12k. Easy out at about 6:00/k, In at 5:00 for 3 k, then 4:40 for 3k. Ie., a moderate 6k tempo run.
22C/72F, 73%

June 14, 2015


Week of June 8 ~ 14
58.4km / 36.3 mi.

Almost, but not quite, a normal training week.

Monday: 8k easy

Tuesday: Gym workout

Wednesday: Track intervals - 1200/1000/800/1200/1000/800
About 3 mins. walk and/or jog between each.
Felt ok, but still can't run fast. Managed a 3:56 on the second 1000.

Thursday: 8k easy

Friday: Gym workout. 9k including 400 x 8 to try to regain a bit of speed. These were not very fast - 89/90 - but felt fast, which is a bad sign, I suppose. Managed 86 on the last one. 90 seconds walk in between. It was 27° and about 95% humidity, but still....  Anyway, it was fun to run some 400s.

Saturday: 9k easy

Sunday: 12k easy.