August 22, 2010

Another 140k Week

Week of Aug. 16 ~ 22

Plan: 25/30/5/25/20/35
Ran: 25/30/0/25/25/35 = 140k / 87 mi. 13:04

Had to go on a business trip on Thursday, so planned only 5k in the morning, however, after 4 runs the preceding two days, even 5k in the early morning was too much. But made it up on Saturday.


9:30 - 10k. 57:36 29:30/28:06
11:30 - Weights and core at gym.
5:00 - 15k. 1:20:59. @5:24
28:27/26:47/25:45 @5:42/21/7
Felt ok coming back although legs a bit heavy.
Weather: 33C/91F, 40%
Weight: 59.2kg

10:30 - 15k. 1:26:44 @5:47
7:30 - 15k. 9k @6:00. Track workout: 800x4, 800x3.
Legs tired, easy pace. 2:30 walk after each, but 400 jog after 4th. Last one barefoot.
10:30 - 33C/91F. 7:30 - 28C/82F

Rest - business trip all day.

10:00 - 5k. 28:23
5:30 - 20k. 1:41:42. @5:06
27:58/26:53/23:37/23:12 @ 5:36/22/4:42/39
Last k in 4:25. Felt ok after 5k. Planned to run last 10k @ 4:40.
Weather: 29C/84F, 50%
Weight: 59.7kg

9:30 - 5k. 29:59
4:30 - 20k. 2:00:27. @6:01
Legs real tired (as expected, from quick pace 10k yesterday). Just tried to maintain this easy pace.
Weather: 32C/90F > 28C/82F, 50%
Weight: 59.5kg

3:45 - 35k. 3:15:42. @5:36
Legs felt tired going out. Was thinking of cutting it to 30k, but forged on. Felt really tired at halfway point and walked around for a bit. Then coming back, kept feeling better and better. Part psychological? part due to temp dropping somewhat? Stopped for water 8 times (with a bit of stretching each time).
Weather: 33C/91F > 29C/84F, 40%
Weight: 59.7kg

Next week will be a recovery week, which I definitely need (last 3 were 130/140/140). 80-90k with a 5k time trial on Wednesday.


  1. Great effort.
    Love the comment on Sunday "Legs felt tired going out" !! You proibably didn't know why! :-)

  2. Another great week Bob. It'll be interesting to see how the 5k goes.

    I was thinking about Cory's comment last post re much of your mileage being relatively easy (at this stage). I'm of the view that one can bring the endurance and speed together on race day. The consistency of the high mileage should give you plenty of leg strength and endurance.

  3. Ewen (and Cory): I replied to that post last week. Saying just what you said. Strength first, then some speed.