January 18, 2010

Slightly Easier Week

Week of Jan. 11-17
Did a slightly easier week to see if my (slightly) sore leg would improve. It was the quadriceps, I guess, of my left leg. It would be sore when I started to run and when I went upstairs...like when you put your foot on the step and then step up. That muscle just above and on the outer side of the knee. Well, it worked because it feels ok now.
By easier I mean I took off Tuesday in addition to Monday, ran the track intervals on Wednesday at an easier pace, and did not do a marathon pace run on Friday. (Maybe it is the faster runs that cause the soreness.)

Monday, Tuesday

1:30pm: 12k @5:29 1:05:52
7:30pm: 8.4k 800 wu, 800/1200/1600/1200/800/400
Splits: 3:28/4:51/6:47/4:43/3:03/92 (pace per k: 4:20/4:00/4:15/3:54/3:48/3:49)
Felt ok. Better to run at this pace than in 3:40s like last week.

20k @5:26 1:48:29 (recovery)
Felt so-so. Didn't feel like going any faster.

20k @4:59 1:39:37 (25:35/24:51/24:20/24:49)
Cold and stiff first 6k, then ok, but didn't feel really good. held pace til the end, but working at it.
Time: 2:30
Temp: 7C/45F
Weight: 60.8kg
10:30am - weights and abs in gym

20k @5:20 1:46:41 (recovery)
Felt fairly good, although legs tiring at end. Not trying to run faster than 5:25-30.

20k @4:50 1:36:44 (25:14/24:51/23:19/23:20)
Legs felt fine and felt very good in general. After 2ks in 5:15/05, hit 4:57 pace and held it. Planned to come back at 4:50, but started at 4:40 and felt good, so just kept on at that pace. Good form, just felt like I was cruising along. Last k in 4:28. And after 4 20k days!
When you feel this good, all's right with the world.
Time: 2:30
Temp: 8C/46F (every day is sunny and slightly windy)
Weight: 61:3kg

Total for week: 100.4k 6:44


  1. Bob, good to see the leg has settle down. The four 20k days in a row is a bit Hosaka-like. Is this type of thing something you plan on continuing?

  2. Good running. But can you really call 100+ Km in a 5 day week "slightly easier" ?

  3. Sure: it's easier than 120. And no marathon pace run.

    Yes, Ewen, I plan on continuing the 120k a week until 3 weeks before the marathon on Mar. 21. But with one or two easy weeks thrown in.

  4. Thanks Bob. The higher volume might give you the 3:04.