February 1, 2010

Once a (120k) Runner

Week of Jan 25 - 31.
Did 120k for the week and felt ok.
Decided to re-read Once a Runner and it was well worth it. Great motivational book (a few silly/unnecessary bits, but they go by quickly). Fortunately I didn't read the 400s workout section until Friday night, otherwise the Friday workout would have been 20 400s. There are some very good things you can take away from it, the main one being the "secret" of becoming the best runner you can be. The secret is...there is no secret. You just pile on the miles, day after day, year after year. As many as you can possibly handle. And you WILL become a good runner. Coincidentally, I just read this in several other places, one being the blog Younger Legs for Older Runners, where Pete Magill says: There are no good workouts, just good, long-term workout programs. And of course there's our boy Hosaka - the same 30k every single day for years, resulting in a 2:36 marathon at age 60.

Rest (I ain't Hosaka)

20k @5:00
AM: weights and abs

10:00 10k @ 5:32
7:30 7.8k. 5,000m time trial at the track, running with Fabrizio.
18:53 (3:49/51/42/47/43
Felt ok, but not great. Quite cold...a bit too cold for me to run fast.
5 seconds slower than in Dec., which is...ok, I suppose.

20k @5:20
Quads getting sore at the end, but the pace felt comfortable.

12.2k. 6.2k WU @5:26
5k @4:08 (4:00/07/12/17/04)
Felt so-so, 12:30 and a bit hvy from a big breakfast, although I went to the gym before for weights and abs.

20k @5:26
Got 3 brief cramps in left calf at 8.5k. Stopped and stretched, then ran more flat-footed. Drank a lot of water at 9.1k and 11.1k. No cramps thereafter, so maybe I was dehydrated.

30k 2:33:33. 28:26 / 28:19 / 26:10 / 24:29 / 24:00 / 22:07)
Pace: 5:07 (5:42/39/14/4:54/48/25)
Felt pretty good the whole way. Tired last 10k, but was able to pick up the pace without feeling bad. Good run to end the week!
Time: 1:00
Temp: 12C/54F, sunny
Weight: 60.6kg
Shoes: 230g, light Nike Cage 2

Total for week: 120k/74.5mi. 10:16.
Despite the miles, miles, miles mantra, I will cut back next week and then do 3 long weeks. Then will have 3 easier weeks after that until the LA marathon.


  1. I enjoyed that book. Check out the sequel too, "Return to Carthage" I think is the name.

    Thanks for your comments. I think I'll try switching the workouts around like your suggest. As for the intervals, Runners World mentioned 6x1 mile in a few articles but at a slower pace than I'm doing I think.

  2. I haven't read that book yet but totally agree with the premise that it takes years to build a "good runner."

    Thanks for your recent comments vis-a vis my photos, very amusing ;)

  3. I received that book for Christmas, but haven't read it yet. Looking forward to it!

    You "ain't Hosaka" yet Bob ;) I'd like to try the 'week after week' plan (if I could work out a good one), before advancing to the 'day after day' plan.

  4. hosaka ran the same 30k EVERYDAY???? holy smokes. going online right now to order the book...as i'm still nursing my injury. might as well read, huh? good job out there, bob.

  5. Bob as for the questions,

    "Suppose an American or European wants to come to Japan and run those races...can you do something for them?
    Suppose a foreigner in Tokyo wants to run them...can you do something for them? Same tour without the airfare/transportation?"

    Yes and Yes. We can accommodate these people.

    I'm going to put up some prices in Yen minus airfares/transport in the next couple of days.
    I'll let you know first. Can you send me an email with your email and I'll get back to you.


    It would be wonderful to get a link from the "Namban Rengo" site and meet some of you guy/girls someday.


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! It is always very cool findng new blogs. And you're right - 12months12races is right up my alley!