February 21, 2010

More Miles...Feeling Good

Week of Feb. 15 ~ 21
127km (79 miles)

Rest. Lucky — cold and hard rain.

20k @4:41. 1:33:34
26:02/23:12/22:24/21:56 @5:12/4:38/31/23 (15k@4:31)
Planned to run 15k @4:45, but felt good. Not pushing at all. Last 5k was at 4:29-=26, then tried to run last k at 4:21 and ran 4:10.
Time: 3:00
Temp: 5C/41F, cloudy
Weight: 60.4kg
Shoes: 240g
Morning: weight and core at gym

12:00 - 12k @5:36
7:30 - 8K at track 1600/1200/1000/800/600/400
Moderately hard workout @ 4:00/k pace (shorter ones faster).
Cold. Legs a bit tired but felt ok.

20k @5:11
Planned 5:00/k pace, but quads a bit sore, so that was a little too fast.
Anyway, this is a recovery run.

20k @4:45 1:34:52
26:55/24:08/21:56/21:51 @5:23/4:50/23/22 (15k@4:32
Originally planned 15k@4:40, but ran 15k@ 4:31 on Tuesday, so wanted to do that again.
Mainly wanted to run a good last 10k, although did not plan to run MP. Actually, felt better when running at MP than when running at 4:50.
Time: 3:45
Temp: 8C/46F
Weight: 60.5kg
Shoes: 220g
Morning - weights and core in gym.

12k @5:27
Legs not sore, but stiff and tired. Decided to run 12 instead of planned 15 (35 tomorrow). Finally warmed up and felt capable of running a decent pace at 8k.
Jr. high baseball players were running along the bicycle path. I told one he had good form (he did) and maybe he should run instead of playing baseball. He yelled "Thanks!" We have to get our recruits where we can find them.

35k @5:00 2:55:30
27:01/26:18/25:46/25:00/24:27:24:14/22:40 @5:24/16/09/00/4:54/50/32
Last 2k: 4:28/16
Each 5k faster - not planned, although wanted to do it last 3 5Ks. Felt good. A bit tired with 10k to go but kept picking up the pace without feeling bad. Very good run at the end of a long week.
Drank one gel and ate one pack of Gu Chomps (like gummy candies). I like Gu Chomps!
Time: 2:30
Temp: 10C/50F, partly cloudy.
Weight; 60.4kg
Shoes: 270g

Total for week: 127k (79 mi.) 10:46


  1. That's a great week. Your MP runs are very good. This must compare pretty well to your other marathon build-ups.

    Also, check out that movie I posted on the forum. I think it will interest you since it deals with a high school cross country team.

  2. Another good week Bob. I'm starting to think you might give 3:00 a shake if the stars align.

    Nice work with the recruiting. Sadly, most of our top junior athletes are recruited for league, union or aussie rules.

  3. Yes, Bob as Ewen says you are looking good! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you can make it to the line in good shape cause it will be interesting to see what you can do knowing how you've built up to this race.

    And thanks for pushing for the inclusion of my link on the "Namban" site, that is terrific! Thanks again.

  4. Some serious mileage uner your belt Bob. Looking very encourging for Los Angeles. You must be near to taper time.