July 20, 2009

Good Week.

Planned: 70k. Ran: 74.3k
Pretty good intervals on Wednesday, good 15k run on Friday, nice Ome hills run on Sunday.
Not wearing heavy, well cushioned shoes at all anymore, nor am I using the heavy custom insoles. (See Born To Run, Pg. 171-183.)

Mon: 5k very easy in 30 mins. (did not run previous Sunday).
Tues: 11:00 - Xtrng (wts and core). 4:00 - 10k in 55 mins + barefoot on grass 100m x 12 (faster up slight hill, slower down).

Wed: Evening track workout. 2.8k warmup. 2000/1000/2000/1000 in 7:25/3:32/7:27/3:32. 400 jog after 2000s in 3:51, 4:31, 200 jog after 1000 in 3:49.
Hot, but there was a breeze. Felt pretty good, kept pushing the pace, thinking about running light and up on midfoot. Weight was only 59.5kg!

Thurs: 8k in 39:43 (under 5 min pace). Legs felt ok.

Fri: 15k in 1:13:26 (27:22, 24:54, 21:10).
As planned, although last 5k faster. First k (of last 5k) was a surprising 4:17, so decided to hold that pace. Last k was 4:04. Very good effort at 2pm on a hot day (29°/abt. 90°).

Sat: 11:00 - Xtrng (wts and core). 3:00 - 5.3 easy, 10 x 100m grass hills barefoot, plus 400m back to gym on asphalt!

Sun: 17.4k at Ome hills with Barry Bergmann, fellow 60 yr old runner who struggled a bit in the heat. Out: 1:06:51, In: 1:00:06, with last 2.8? stretch in 11:02 (by myself), which is fast.


  1. Another good week Bob. Nice times for the intervals. You must be getting used to barefoot running if you're doing some on ashphalt!

  2. Thanks, Ewen. Well, I only did a bit on asphalt, just to try it. It was rough asphalt, so was a bit difficult. On smooth asphalt I think I would be ok. I really like the barefoot running, though. I think it strengthens your feet and improves your form. Even just a little bit of it.
    Good luck in your race this weekend.

  3. Bob, a nice week. I reckon I could nearly run like that if I could get down to 59 kg though. Well, maybe even 69 kg :-P

    My first challenge is just to be consistent in the face of brutal work commitments. However, what running I am doing now I am following your lead and doing in light racing shoes. My feet (toes in particular) are thanking me for it. So thank you from my toes.