July 11, 2009

An OK Week

Planned: 73km. Ran: 80km
Short week because tomorrow (Sunday) I have to go with the family to visit my mother-in-law's grave.

Mon: Rest
Tues: 20k in 1:47:59 (27:30, 27:02, 26:21, 27:05).
Legs stiff at start. Felt better on 2nd and 3rd 5k, but kept pace easy, because: what's one of the worst things you can do? Run hard on your easy days. Legs felt tired on last 5k.

Wed: 8.8k. 1k warmup. 1200/1000/800/1200/1000/800
4:22 / 3:36 / 2:52 / 4:27 / 3:36 / 2:52. (400 jog after 1200, 200 jog after 1000s and 800).
Legs tired...got tired after about 600m on each one. Worked hard on 1000s and 800s. Very humid!
Didn't have much speed, due to 20k yesterday and humidity.

Thurs: 12k in 1:01:39.

Fri: 15k in 1:17:09 (26:54, 25:58, 24:16). Felt ok.

Sat: 25k in 2:04:15 (26:10, 25:50, 24:49, 23:57, 23:27). 4:58/k aver.
Legs a bit tired the last 10k, but was able to pick up the pace. Didn't want to go any faster.
Time: 10:30am. Temp: 30° (abt. 90°F). Shoes: 300g Brooks Ghost.

Sun: Rest