June 14, 2015


Week of June 8 ~ 14
58.4km / 36.3 mi.

Almost, but not quite, a normal training week.

Monday: 8k easy

Tuesday: Gym workout

Wednesday: Track intervals - 1200/1000/800/1200/1000/800
About 3 mins. walk and/or jog between each.
Felt ok, but still can't run fast. Managed a 3:56 on the second 1000.

Thursday: 8k easy

Friday: Gym workout. 9k including 400 x 8 to try to regain a bit of speed. These were not very fast - 89/90 - but felt fast, which is a bad sign, I suppose. Managed 86 on the last one. 90 seconds walk in between. It was 27° and about 95% humidity, but still....  Anyway, it was fun to run some 400s.

Saturday: 9k easy

Sunday: 12k easy.

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  1. Good week Bob. Yes, having "slow" 400s feeling fast isn't a good sign but tough going in that heat and humidity.