June 6, 2010

Revving Up (for the World Cup, too)

Week of May 31 ~ June 6

Plan: 10/15/10/15/10/10/20 = 90k / 56 mi.
Ran: 10/15/10/15/ 0/15/10+15 = 90k

First week of marathon training leading to a Nov. marathon. Will spend 3 weeks working up to 140k weeks, which I will then maintain, more or less, for 18 weeks. For a bit of historical perspective, before the LA marathon in March I had 9 110/120k weeks. Prior to that, before the Santa Barbara marathon in Dec. I had 18 weeks of 88-113K.

10k @5:09 26:18/25:15
Felt ok, legs a little stiff.

15k @ 4:48 1:12:03 25:30/24:18/22:14 @5:06/4:52/4:27
Very surprising. Not trying to go fast, but every k was 10 secs faster than i thought I was going.
Due to the new Biom shoes or to having fresh legs (haven't run much last 2 weeks)? Probably fresh legs.
AM: wts and core at gym.
Time: 4:00
Temp/humd: 23C/73F, 30%
Weight: 60.7kg

10k @ 5:21 27:04/26:34

15k @ 4:47 1:11:50 25:19/23:48/22:42 @5:05/4:46/4:32
Around the Imperial Palace (each 5k actually 26m short). Lovely day for a run.
Ran in between afternoon meeting and evening drinking bout with 5 other blokes to do our World Cup pool. You put in 6,000 yen and "buy" teams in an auction format. Each time one of your teams wins, you get 3 points, and 1 point for a draw. I came away with Argentina, Cameroon, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Algeria and South Africa. Not so great, but not so bad either. None of those teams are real losers. If Argentina, Greece and Cameroon go through the first round, Slovenia gets past England and USA, the home team does well and the other two win a game, I could be ok. Oh, and if Argentina wins the whole thing. So root for my teams. Go Slovakia! (Note to Ewen & Jon: Steve got Australia, but spent most of his money on Spain and Italy, so only has 3 teams.)

2 - 3 hour meeting turned into 5 hours. Planned another Palace run, but had no time.
Actually, just as well, because I ran too hard Tuesday and Thursday.

15k @ 5:33 Left thigh a bit sore, just wanted to take it easy.

8:00am - 10k @ 5:51 Moving at any pace in the morning is acceptable.
2:30pm - 15k @5:16 1:19:06 27;11/26:05/25:49 @5:27/5:13/5:10
Legs tired, as I suppose they should be, since I ran 39k last week and 35k the week before.
Temp, humd: 25C/77F, 40%
Next week: 110k


  1. That's some jump from 39k to 90k, no wonder you feel tired. I need to make that jump some time soon.

    Of course you know that France are representing Ireland at the world cup - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JecnObqqAwQ

  2. I don't have high hopes for Australia, so Steve might be on a loser there. I'll be cheering for them though.

    With the 140k weeks, are you planning on reducing the volume/frequency of more intense sessions?

  3. That's a lot of "ifs" Bob, still I reckon you did well to draw those teams.

    Welcome to the high mileage club Bob, it really is the only way us old guys can get faster/better times.

  4. Hi there, Bob! It looks like you have a killer schedule there. Why don't you check out the training program they have at http://www.marathondominator.com? It might help. Best to you!