May 30, 2010

Another 5k - Same Result (And Another Birthday)

Week of May 24 ~ 30

Whoops, today seems to be my birthday. 63 and still not grown up. Hard to believe I'm 63, since I feel like I'm in my early 40s, but that's what running will do for us. Wish I was running like I was in my early 40s, but I think I have a few good years left.
Anyway, today was a rest day, after the 18:32 5k yesterday.

8k easy @5:38 pace, hamstrings ok.
Am - weights and core at gym

Another rest day - 5k time trial tomorrow night.

5,000m on the track at 7:30pm. 18:34 with splits of 3:41/39/41/49/44. Last 400 in 85.
I wanted to run under 18:30, hopefully about 18:20. I felt good but started out too slow - 3:45 pace for 800m then picked it up. This was a big multi-club time trial held in 3 sections, with about 70 people in each section. I was in the middle group (17:00 ~ 18:30). Had a nice group of people to follow for 3,000m, but then I slowed a bit and lost them. That caused me to slow more, so ran a 3:49. Ran in alone, but picked up the last 400. Too bad I couldn't go faster, but I suppose it was a pretty good effort since I have not trained hard for about 6 weeks - basically have been running 50k/30mi weeks. I'd like to try to run a good one in late September after 4 months of hard training.
The fast section (under 17:00) Two guys were hammering (actually they were cruising) at about 3:05 per k. The one in 2nd was a tall, young guy, very smooth. He moved ahead with about 4 laps to go, picking up the pace. Then with 300m to go...Zoom! He just took off. Looked like he was running an 800. Everyone went "Whoooa." Like, Oh, that's how a good runner kicks in a 5000. He flew across the finish in 15:06. 6 guys were in the 15s. Fun to watch.
Weight: 60.3kg
Shoes: 192g (light racers)
Temp: 19C/66F

Rest. Am - weights and core in the gym.

7k very easy. Legs not sore but kind of stiff and tired.

15k. 1:16:16. @5:06
26:24/25:12/24:39 @5:17/5:02/4:56
Legs felt fine, hamstrings fine, although quads getting a little sore at the end. Seems like the first nice run in a long time (the 5ks are more like sprints). The first in 6 weeks, actually. Cruising at a 5:00 pace feels good for a change.
So I am ready to start my marathon training tomorrow. The first week will be building back up to decent mileage, probably 90k/55mi, then going to 110, then to 140, which is where I want to be.
Weight: 60.1kg. This is quite low, considering I haven't been running much. It is due to my new policy of not eating before going to bed. I expect to get really lean this summer, down to 59 or below, which is where I have not been for a long time.
So...bring it on!


  1. happy birthday, my friend. i wish i was running like you in your 60s!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Bob. I'm running in my early? forties and wish I could run an 18:34 5k in training. Looking forward to seeing what you can do later in the year.

  3. Happy belated Birthday Bob. That wasn't too bad really, considering the hammy issue and low-key training recently. I think you can get the 18:20 (or better) later in the year.

    The guy who ran 15:06 must have watched how Chris Solinsky won that 10,000.

  4. Happy Brithday Bob!!

    Certainly a a lot more than a few good years left in you, matey.

    Great 5K time. I struggled with one of similar time yesterday.

  5. Happy Birthday !
    Nice 5 Km well done.
    What marathon are you aiming at?
    18 week training from the same book?
    We are back in Japan in two weeks so may see you...but I am still injured and can't run.

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes.
    Aiming at either Tsukuba or Otawara at the end of November.
    No, my 18 week training is going to be by my own book. Basically just a lot of distance.

  7. Good luck I am sure you will do very well.
    Starting marathon training now for a marathon in late Novemeber is around 6 months training. To me that seems a lot of time to be focused for one race.

  8. I like to have a long focus. But actually, I am planning to run some other races in October (if I can get in...these days Japanese races fill up on the first day).