May 16, 2010

Biding My Time

Week of May 10 ~ 16

51km. Just taking it easy to heal my (slightly) sore hamstring before 5k in an ekiden on May 23rd.

6.5k @ 5:30 (approx). With Amer. Schood girls.
Went to physical therapist in the morning. HS is not sore, but interestingly is a bit painful when pressed...showing that it is not healed.
Weight: 60.8kg

In Nogawa park, 6 x 400 with girls @ about 84 (turns and slt hill).
HS slightly sore at first, but ok on 400s.
AM - weights and core at gym

7.8k at track. 1200 x 4, 600 x 2
Very easy - about 4:40/k. HS sltly sore.
Interesting how much faster you run on a track, even when you are running "easy" (see next two days).

9k. Very easy @5:39

10.5k @5:32. Easy with Don McMillan (visiting from Calif.)
New BIOM shoes - look cool and feel great. I am an official Biom tester, so got a free pair, which is good because they cost ¥35,000 ($375).
"Natural Motion", yak leather, Polyurethane instead of EVA, bonded not sewn. They last twice or more as long as other shoes (they better!). Check them out at Made by Ecco of Denmark.
AM - weights and core.

Rest. HS Invitational track meet, with the usual league, plus international schools from Okinawa and Korea. Our kids ran very well. Beautiful day for running.

10k @5:42
Very easy. Hamstring soreness 0.5 on a scale of 10. Not zero.
Weight 60.2kg. By the way, in an impressive display of will power, I stopped eating before bedtime about 4 weeks ago. I have been eating quite a bit before bed for many, many years, so it is no mean feat. I tend to wake up early in the morning, starving, but once I start running decent mileage again I should lose even more weight than the 2kg (4.4lbs) I have already lost. I plan to be VERY thin next fall.


  1. Yes impressive display of will power Bob. I too eat a lot before bed especially when drinking red wine which is almost every night.

    But the high mileage works to make me sleepy, go to bed early, and drop the weight.

    Still running a lot does wear one down, I don't think I could press anything and not feel pain at the moment, maybe my head, I don't use that much thesedays.

  2. Your wife would say something else too Scott ;)

    I'll be interested to see how the BIOMs go. $375 is on the high side for me, but I'm almost tempted to dish out $250+ for the Newtons as Rick says they're faster. The triathlete in the video was heel striking, so I guess they're not trying to be Newtons.

    Good luck in the Ekiden on Sunday.

  3. I do not recommend Newtons. They are ok, but not worth the money. I think any good, lightweight shoe is preferable. You should be running (landing) on your midfoot, but you don't need newtons to do that.
    For a bit of extra money (above that of an ordinary shoe) I would rather try a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. Don't know if they are available in Oz....

  4. Wow, $375!! That's a lot of change. I wonder who their target market is.

    The pain in my chest didn't bother my running so much I suppose. Gave me a sharp pain a few times when I coughed or cleared my throat but I'm sure I wouldn't have been any faster if it wasn't there.

  5. Congrats on stopping the pre-bedtime eating. I have the same problem and am pretty sure that it is one of the reasons that I struggle with my weight loss. I'll be watching your results!

  6. Yes, they're available Bob. I like the look of the new ones too. Might give them a go. Thanks for the tip.

  7. That's serious will power Bob. I agree that cost does not necessarily mean "best" when it comes to running shoes. I currently use a pair of lightweight shoes that I got in Spain for €30 (3 time as cheap as big brand shoes and just as good). I have a pair of vibrams alright and find them great to run in - different but great.