January 25, 2009

Not so long, but long enough

21k in 1:57:42 (5:36/k)
I was planning to cut my run today down to 24k, but cut it further to 21k. Went a bit faster than usual for a long run, though. My legs were tired and quads were a bit sore...still not recovered from the 20k MP run on Thursday. But after 20k yesterday, I suppose 21k was enough.
I started the run at 3:00 after watching Yoko Shibui run a great race at Osaka in 2:23:40. She is now Japan's top marathoner again...until Noguchi runs another race.

Time: 3:00
Weather: 11°, sunny, cloudless
Wt: 60.9 (good!)
Shoes: 430g

Week: 75.3k   6:37 (6:22 run, 0:15 bike)


  1. good decision cutting the distance! your weight is getting down pretty fast. but, why are your shoes so heavy?

  2. I use two insoles: one is a flat, store-bought 20g type and the other is a 60g custom-made one. So they add weight. And for long runs, I think you should use heavy, well-cushioned shoes...the more cushioning, the better.

  3. Hmmmm...thats interesting. I have custom made insoles (Kanda store) but I have taken the ones which came with the shoes out.
    I may give this a try.
    What about racing flats? I am using these up to 10Km races (not for training at all). What do you think?

  4. Racing flats means really light, flat-bottom shoes? I would wear them for 5k races but something with a bit more support and cushioning for 10k races. Still light, but not ultra-light.

  5. Yes...I have a special pair from Tokyo which were made for me last.
    I am using them up to 5 Km and will probably use for 10. Not sure.
    Am now running longer with two insoles. Seems a good idea. Thanks.