January 23, 2009

LT and Almost MP

Mon: Off
Tues: Off (all day meeting, could not go to gym)
Wed: Intervals
Thurs: 20k MP

1200 x 2 (4:55, 4:43), 1000 x 2 (3:55, 3:54), 800 x 2 (3:10, 3:11)
200m jog averaging about 2:45 after each.
LT workout. Running comfortably at a bit under 4:00/k pace. Did not want to go too hard, because tomorrow will be a hard run.

8.2k  46 mins.
Time: 7:30pm
Weather: 7°, slight rain
Shoes: 295g

3k warmup in 18:06, stretching, 150 x 2 strides, stretching
20K at "marathon pace" (21:15/5k), which turned out to be 21:39, 21:39, 22:07, 21:31.
Planned to pick up the last 5k, but the first k of that was 4:27. Then I got serious and finished in 4:12/17/20/15.
I felt ok at about 4:20 pace but did not seem to be able to go faster. Excuses? It was cold, raining a bit (hard to run fast wearing two long sleeved shirts) and I have a slight cold. (I didn't let the cold bother me, though, because I had just gotten an email from Jim Weissman about running in New Jersey at –18°C, so I figured +5 is not so bad.)
However, I felt fine the first 10k. At the end, my right upper thigh was getting very sore, for some reason. Did not feel like going any further. Anyway, a good workout.
I'm already looking forward to the two weeks of tapering before the marathon.

24.3k   1:54
Time: 3:30
Weather: 5°, drizzle first half
Wt: 61.6 (gaining, not losing!)
Shoes: 250g
I think Saturday I will cut back from 20k at 5:00 pace to 16k...if my legs recover enough to do even that....

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