January 8, 2009

Nice interval workout

Mon: Off
Tues: X-trng (Wts, Abs, Bike 30 mins.)
1000m x 6 in 3:58/48/44/45/45/39
(200m jog and walk in between of about 2:45)

Nice interval workout to get my legs used to moving a bit faster. Planned to run about 3:50 but a little faster was ok. Not all out, although I was tired at the end of each one. The last one was faster, thanks to Rie, who I was following closely.
Legs were not sore from the 40k on Sunday. Maybe still a bit "tired."
I am going to run the Ushiku 10K on Monday (national holiday), although more as a training run than as a race. Marathon pace (42:30) would be ok, although I will probably go faster. Maybe 40 minutes, maybe just run the second 5k faster.
My wife's cousins live in Ushiku and two of them will run, that's why I am running it. They were very happy last year when I won my age division (in 38:05). This year I don't care if I win it or not.

9K.   46 mins.
Time: 7:30pm
Weather: 7°?
Wt: 61.3 (3:00)
Shoes: 295g

Easy 15k run at 5:56 pace.
This is an easy week, which means less distance and not running two hard days in a row (but two hard workouts is ok).
Tomorrow I will do a marathon pace run of...14k? Maybe less. I have to go to the Auto Salon at Makuhari Messe in the morning and early afternoon, and it will probably be raining when I get home, but will try to run from about 4:30.
Then easy Saturday and off Sunday.

15K.   89 mins.
Time: 3:00
Weather: 10°, sunny
Wt: 61.6 (I am not losing weight!)
Shoes: 430g

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