January 24, 2009

Good tempo run

Fri: X-trng (Wts., abs, bike 15 mins)
Sat: 16k tempo run

3k warmup in 18:06. 16k @5:00 pace — actual splits were 24:51, 24:40, 25:00, 4:50.
Comfortable going out but not so easy the last 6k since my legs were sore from Thursday. Of course, one day rest is not enough to recover from a 20k MP run. But had no trouble holding the pace.
Will reduce distance tomorrow from 30k to 24, probably. Legs are tired. Will run after watching the Osaka women's marathon.
Next week will be an easier week (3 on a scale of 5, see Long Long Run post). However will do a fairly hard run Wednesday (5,000 Namban time trial in 19:00-19:30) and a hard run Saturday (20k+ MP run). Thursday and Sunday will be very easy.

20k  1:44
Time: 2:30
Weather: 6°, cloudy
Wt: 61.6
Shoes: 400g

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