January 10, 2009

Beer Mile Madness

I had fun watching the 2nd Japan Beer Mile this morning, which had about 15 fairly crazy participants. They looked great at the start of the first beer/loop, pretty bad during the third and fourth loops, but cheerful again at the end, fortunately. 
Chad won in the excellent time of 7:42, and Satohi won the women's division in an also excellent 8:46. She's the 35th fastest woman beer miler in the world.
See Running in Japan blog for more info and photos (in blog list on right).

As for me, I ran 3 1.94k (according to Colin, the Yoda of the GPS force) loops to warm up, then 5 1.9k loops in 7:53/8:12/8:03/8:05/8:00. 4:15 marathon pace would be 8:04. In other words, 9.5k at a 4:14 pace. Which at 10:00 in the morning, by myself, is not so easy for me. I don't like running hard in the morning. For races, I can be psychologically prepared, but not for training runs.
Anyway, I did it. Hamstrings were a bit sore, probably due to running too fast (that is, faster than I am accustomed to) on Wednesday night.
Then a short warmdown.

16.5k.   79 mins.
Time: 9:30AM
Weather: Abt. 7°, sunny
Shoes: 290g

Rest tomorrow and Ushiku 10k on Monday, which I will not run at 100% effort.
So for this week, only:
40.5k   3:04 (2:34 run, 30 bike) Well, it was supposed to be an easy week, and it was!

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  1. Good workout, Bob. By far better what we did anyway ;-)