January 9, 2009

Thanks, Sammy

Today when I got back home at 5:00 it was raining hard, cold, windy and dark. Fortunately I remembered the words of Olympic champion Sammy Wanjiru (in an interview reproduced on Brett's Japan Running News blog), who said (more or less), "If I'm supposed to do a time trial but it's raining I just take the day off and do it the next day. Japanese runners have to keep to their schedule no matter what, but what's the sense if you are not going to run well? Just take the day off and run well the next day." Exactly! Thanks, Sammy, I'll follow your advice.

Will do a run in Yoyogi Koen in the morning, prior to watching the sure-to-be-exciting and very-possibly-cringe-inducing Beer Mile race with 17 truly crazy participants (not me!).


  1. Probably a smart move not to go out but I always like to think that when I am training when its "raining hard, cold, windy and dark" I am just that much further ahead of those sitting at home before the fire. :-)
    Enjoying your Blog.

  2. Yes, there is that.... I guess you should just go by feeling. If you feel like going out in the bad weather, do so. Yesterday I just did not feel like it. Also, it depends on the workout. I would not have been able to do a proper marathon pace workout, so I felt it was better to leave it to today.
    Thanks for reading.