January 18, 2009

Long and tiring

Sun: 30k  
An ok run. Legs kind of stiff and tired at first, but fell into a pace just under 6:00/k and held that without particularly trying to for 25k. Then I got tired and the last 5k was at about 6:10/k. VERY tired and weak at the end (didn't eat much breakfast or lunch).
Good run at the end of a good week, though.

30k   2:57:18 (1:28:10/1:29:18) 
Walk breaks at 6k 100m, 12k 200m, 18k 200m, 24k 100m...which were very welcome.
Also took some water at 24.6k as I was feeling dehydrated.
Time: 2:00
Weather: 7°, cloudy
Wt: ?
Shoes: 430g

Week: 95.1k   8:08 running, 0:30 bike
5 runs: — 1 very hard, 3 fairly hard, 1 moderately hard. Need two days rest badly.


  1. hi, Bob! thanks for the nice comment. I was In Tokyo during the marathon (2008). At the time, the thought of doing one myself hadn't even entered my consciousness! Running in the Tokyo Marathon would be a dream. Who knows, you might have been one of the guys running past me around the imperial palace. Happy training!

  2. You finished the last hard run of the week tired and weak. Was a good week, then, Bob. Make sure you get enough Carbs during your workouts as well ;-)