January 1, 2009

A nice run to start the year.

Thurs., Jan. 1

14k.   1 hr. 15 mins.
3k warmup, stretching.
10k Tempo Run in 49:56 (24:50/24:56).
Legs felt ok, but hamstrings getting a bit sore and tired at the end.
Enjoyable pace, but required enough effort that I did not want to go faster or further. I guess that is one definition of a good workout.

Exactly 2 more months until my marathon, so basically 6 weeks of training.

Time: 3:00
Wt: 61.5 (Well, it's New Year's. You can't help but gain weight on the 31st, 1st and 2nd.)
Weather: 8°, sunny.
Shoes: 430g.
Enjoyed watching 5 hours of the New Year Ekiden before the run. That will get you psyched up!

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