September 28, 2014

Only 50K But 4 Hard Runs

Week of Sept. 22 ~ 28
50.5km / 31.4 mi.

This is what happens when I start running with the HS kids: shorter and harder.

3:30 - 10k including 4-mile tempo run with the 4 top varsity girls.
Mile splits: 7:25/6:57/6:55/6:44. Total 29:01 @4:32/km.
I felt good and the girls also had no problem with the pace. The pace was supposed to be 7:07, but we were so slow on the first mile (so much for me as the pacer) that we sped up and just kept going at a high pace. BTW, this is a loop in a park with one hill and quite a bit on dirt paths. It's not run on a track.
Didn't feel hot, but the humidity was very high.

12:00 - Weights and core at the gym.

7:30pm - 8k incl. club 5,000m time trial. 19:24
Splits: 3:50/56/53/57/48.
Felt tired all day, but good once the running started.
Was following Padraig, but he slowed on the 2nd 1000 so went past him and then had no one to follow. But felt good on the last k. Next month, Padraig!
22C/72F, high humidity (rained just before)
58.4 (but much lower at night, didn't eat much during the day)

3:30 - With JV boys 8.5k incl. 4 x 300m hill moderate pace and with Varsity girls 2 x 500m hill fairly hard.
So not really a "hard" workout, but not so easy, either.
26C/79F and again, high humidity.

12:00 - Weights and core at the gym
No time to run, but had decided on a rest day anyway as legs are sore.

3:30 - 14k with 4k warmup, then 4k,3k, 2k at a pretty respectable pace.
4k: 16:43 (4:09/14/20/20) 5' walk
3k: 12:42 (4:15/16/11) 4' walk
2k: 7:56 (3:57/59)
Felt good on all of them.
22C/72F, 60%, cloudy - felt cool.

4:00 - 10k very easy.
25C/77F, 60%


  1. That's a lot of hard(ish) running in one week Bob. Don't know how many rules you broke - but that's what they're there for. Very solid pace on the 5k TT,

  2. You are running well. Great effort.
    Your weight at 56.7 seems very low....but I suppose if you are strong and healthy and fast weight does not matter.

  3. I'd be a very proud man posting that Saturday result of yours. I'd need some kind of weight adjusted handicap (head start) to compete!

  4. That's why I don't run with HS kids anymore! Too painful.
    Next month I'm seeing close to 19-flat if it's cooler. Warming up down here - 24 today.