September 7, 2014

Ok Week, Standing Desk

Week of Sept. 1 ~ 7
60.8km / 37.8 mi.

Hard rain - took a rest day. Will run intervals with the kids tomorrow, instead of the usual rest day.

2:00 - weights and core at the gym.
3:30 - 5.8k with 400 x 4, 800, 400 x 2 with varsity girls.
87/90/89/88 3:05 90/78 (1' after 400s, 2' after 800)
30C/86F, 65%

3:30 - Easy 7k with JV boys.
7:30 - Club track workout. 11k with 1000 x 6.
3:59/41/42/43/46/38. Felt good from the second one. Wanted to get under 3:40 for the last one.
25C/77F - felt quite a bit cooler than previous weeks.

Had to go to a long narration all afternoon (I was the director, not the narrator) so couldn't run. (Can't run in the morning, because I sleep in the morning - up all night trading stocks, or in most cases, just watching the market as it doesn't move.)

1:00 - weights and core at the gym.
3:30 - 3k easy with kids as a warmup for their 1 mile x 3 loops tempo run, which I timed, then 10k alone in the park. Going from 5:26 to 5:10 per k.

12:15 - 10k with 5k tempo run. Ate an hour before, so felt a bit heavy, but was able to do a decent 5k even in the heat. 29:13/22:50 @5:51/4:34.
31C/88F, 65%
57kg ! But then a huge pizza dinner, so goodbye 57. Bob says: Pigging out occasionally is ok!

3:00 - 14k in 1:18:54. 42:31/36:23 @ 6:04/5:11. Felt ok.
22C/72F ! 70%
? kg

I have been bothered with a pain in my upper right hip when I sit for more than about 10 minutes. Standing, running, lying down (on a firm surface) are fine. The longer I sit, the worse it gets. I decided that a standing desk would be a good idea, and coincidentally, read an article here about how bad sitting is for you. However, standing desks cost about 200,000 yen ($2,000). So I made my own! And it works great. (Standing also burns calories.)


  1. You need to patent that set up in a hurry Bob or someone's going to pinch it. I thought at first that image on your desktop came from the artist Yang Yongliang.

  2. Good week. You killed me at the track.

    And yes, I like your standing desk.

  3. The ABC in Canberra changed all their desks to standing ones when they refurbished the office. They make treadmill desks now too - burn even more calories (and take longer to do your work with a shaky mouse!).

    Nice 1000s by the way.

  4. nice 1000s and nice standing desk. i need to patent a lying down version...