September 1, 2014

Decent 19:20 5,000m TT

Week of Aug. 25 ~ 31
57.3km / 35.6 mi.

To answer Scott's question about my low weight, not doing anything differently, just meticulously recording every calorie I eat (weighing my food - restaurant meals are estimates), which makes you very conscious of what and how much you are eating. The total is not important (assuming you're keeping it at fairly low levels, with the occasional splurge), what's important is being very aware of your consumption.
For example: Should I have a piece of toast with peanut butter? Hell no, I know how many calories I'd have to write down for that! I'll have some low-fat yoghurt and a banana. Result: lower weight. And there is no longer any peanut butter in my kitchen cabinet. No bread, either.

4:00 - 4.6k. American School cross country season starts today.
Easy run with JV boys. Ran 18 yesterday and have a time trial on wednesday, so just a very easy day.
29C/84F, 70%

Weights and core at the gym.

7:30pm - Club 5,000m time trial. Only had time for a 3k warmup, but included stretching and strides, so felt ready to go.
Time was 19:20. Splits 3:52/51/53/58/46.
It was a cool night, so that helped (humid, though).
Felt very good after the first 1000 and had a good group of 6 running together. Didn't feel like we slowed the 4th 1000, but kicked well the last 1000 and especially the last 400. I certainly don't consider this to be "fast", but it was a good run.
22C/72F, 90%

3:30 - 10.5k including 400 x 4, 800, 400 x 2 with varsity girls.
92/91/91/89 3:14 91/86 (top 2 girls ran the last one in 72). 3.4k alone in the park @5:20/k. Legs felt fine.

12:00 - gym workout
3:30 - Easy 6k with JV boys (13 of them). About 6:00 pace going out, 5:00 pace coming back, when we ran Indian file type fartlek, where the last guy runs up to the front, when he gets there the guy who is now in last runs up to the front, etc., etc. It's a fun way to do a workout and the kids enjoyed it.
26C/79F, rain off and on.

2:30 - 16k in 1:30:42 @5:40/k.
47:32/43:09 @5:56/5:23. Felt ok but legs tired at the end.
27C/81F, nice sunny day.
58.2kg (big dinner last night)

3:00 - 12k easy at about 6:05/k. Legs tired.
27C/81F, 60%, beautiful day


  1. I enjoy the Indian file running you did on Friday although I find it hard to get people to do it with me. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks for the info vis a vis the reason for your weight control. I understand what keeping track of your food can do. Just yesterday when shopping and looking at some soft, creamy, Camembert at 300 calories for 100 grams I thought about it briefly before throwing 500 grams into my trolley!

    But having said that I think if you don't remain conscious you can very easily wake up one morning 3 to 5 kg heavier!!

  3. I broke the 80 kg barrier back in the late '90s. 74-5 now, but like peanut butter and bread (and beer!) too much to get down to 72 racing weight.

    Nice 5000 Bob. You'd be well and truly the fastest 65-69 Parkrunner in Canberra.