May 1, 2011

Feeling Good

Week of April 25 ~ May 1

62.3km/38.7 mi. 5:51

3:30 - 9.6k. 9k (approx) with track team (1500/3000 boys) in 46:13 with second half at a good pace (4:20/k?).
75m x 8 barefoot on artificial turf.
Weight; 61.2kg
Temp: 16C/61F

11:00 - machines and core at gym.
3:30 - at 300m track. 400m x 9 (3 x 3) with girls.
(100m walk, 100 walk, 200jog bet. sets)
After a good warmup, felt pretty good.
Weight: 61.8kg
Temp: 21C/70F

7:30pm - in park. 5,000m time trial.
20:29 (4:04/05/07/08/05). Not trying to run all out - a moderately hard effort.
Legs felt good. Surprising, after 20k on sunday, good run on monday and 9 400s on tuesday.

Rest. Business trip.

1:00 - 20k in 1:40:14 @5:00
27:36/26:01/23:25/23:12 @5:30/13/4:41/36
Along the shore in Makuhari. Nice run. Felt stiff going out (and into wind), but ok coming back.

HS track meet all day

10:00 - 17.4k of hills (constant up/down including some very steep places) at Ome.
8.7k out - very easy in 1:08:50.
8.7 in - 59:04. Very easy for 39, fast for 15:30, easy for 4:30. A nice run.


  1. I am just having lunch and thought I would catch up on what you have been doing. Sydney is overcast and damp. We have been wet more than sunny over the last month.

    Some training runs here sound like the LA marathon without the cold. That was a dam good time of 3.10. I haven't been near that for some years but I have had a good training block over the last 3 weeks with another 2 or so to go before a marathon at the end of May. I won't go near 3.10 but if the run reflects the fitness and training (does it ever?) then maybe around 3.25 with some improvement to come for the July marathons.

    Very slick half time as well. Some with your 5k and you were not pushing. I did a 5k on Saturday and could not have gone any quicker in 20.41 but that was at the end of a 150k week.

    Catch up with you again soon.


  2. Running Royality with Eagle on your blog! Good to see you are back into it after LA. What's the plan for the rest of 2011?

  3. Ray's bluffing. 22k at 4:48 per k in the midst of a 160k week tells me he's in better than 3:25 shape!