May 15, 2011

Time to Get Serious

This week marked the end of my period of marathon recovery, and of running short intervals with the high school kids and easy runs the other days. Next week I start summer training in preparation for fall half marathon and possible marathon races.
That training will consist of first, six weeks of hill training, then nine weeks of short, long and generally hard stuff.
The hills will be 1km hard, 1km easy x 5, with 5km warmup before and 5km after at whatever pace I can run (20km). Those will be on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Wednesday will be fast intervals on the track. Thursday and Saturday will be 15k easy (total 100k).
The first week I will start off with only 6k of hills. The second week, Tues and Wed will be easy because there is a big multi-club 5,000m time trial on Thursday that I want to try to run fast.
Looks like a fun summer!

Week of May 9 ~ 15
59.3km / 37 mi. 5:09

3:00 - 7.5k with kids at decent pace.
Legs, inc. calves, felt ok.

11:30 - Gym workout for upper/lower body and core.
3:00 - 5k. Speed workout with track team girls. 550 x 1 @ 1:59, 400 x 4 @ 81,79,79,81.
Temp: 24C/75F, rain.

7:30pm - 8.8k at track, 800,1200,600,1200,600,1200,600
Very easy - just a recovery workout.
Weight: 60.9kg
Temp: 15C/59F, chilly and rainy.

3:30 - At 300m track with the girls. 300 x 4, 200 x 3
60,58,58,56. 200s: fast, fast, cruise.
Temp: 16C/61F, chilly and rainy.

3:30 - 15k in 1:14:11 @4:57
26:53/24:00/23:18 @ 5:23/4:48/4:39 last k in 4:06
Felt good. Nice day.
Weight: 60.8kg
Temp: 25C/75F, 50%, sunny

HS track finals. Top boy ran 9:11 for 3000m (1st), 4:16 for 1500m (2nd).
Top girls ran 2:34 for 800m (1st), 5:26 for 1500m (2nd, almost 1st)
Very warm (hot) day.

3:00 - 20k in 1:43:31 @5:10
27:03/26:28/25:00/25:00 @ 5:24/18/00/00
Nice run, felt ok.
Weight: 60.9kg
Temp: 24C/75F, sunny


  1. good luck with this training cycle, bob, and hoping you stay injury free

  2. I will add my best wishes as well. I will read your weekly reports with interst. Thank for reading my Blogg and you comments they are always greatly appreciated. The training over the last 5 weeks or so has gone very well. I do hope that I can run a couple of good marathons. I will give all that I have the the first one in a couple of weeks and see what I can do.

  3. Monday Night: Time to read Bob's Blog. :-)
    Good luck.
    We are back in Tokyo at the end of May...hope to see you.

  4. Bob,

    I've had some people approach me, over the last year, about setting up a running club similar to "Nanban Rengo" down here in the Kansai region.

    I have thought about this from time to time but never have taken the next step. I'm thinking more and more about it thesedays and I know from past experience that when an idea won't quit it should be taken seriously.

    I want to ask you some questions about this so can you please email me with your phone number and let me know when a good time to call you would be?

    No great rush. When you have some time.



  5. I'm jealous of those 24-25C temps already. Interested to see how the 'big' 5000 goes - sounds like you'll get a good race and the opportunity for a fast time.