May 29, 2011

5K Week

Week of May 23 ~ 29

49.5K 4:15


11:30 - Machines and core at the gym.
1:30 - 10k in 58:56 - very easy
Legs VERY stiff - to be expected after hills friday, saturday and sunday plus 5k at MP on sunday.

7:30pm - 7.8 with 5000 easy at 22:00 on the track. Race effort tomorrow.

7:30pm - 8.2k. 5000m time trial with about 8 clubs. Wanted to run 18:30, ran 18:28.
Felt pretty good and always had people to run behind. Spent the last 4 laps trying to stay with a girl wearing polka dot tights. Really did not want to lose to her. She opened up 5 meters with 600 to go but I figured I could get her in the last 200. Got to right behind her with 100 to go...and she kicked! Damn. Well, at least she got me under 18:30.
Fastest 5k in 3-1/2 years, but have not really "raced" 5k in that time. Also have not done regular speed training for 2 years. I am going to remedy that and plan to be faster in the fall.
This TT had 3 sections. First was for people over 18:30 and had 70 runners. Second was for 17:00-18:30 and had 57 runners (where I ran). Third was for under 17:00 and had 33 runners. Winner ran 14:47 and was fun to watch - just floating along.
Temp: 20C/68F, no wind
Weight: 60.8kg
Shoes: 145g super-light racing shoes

11:30 - machines and core at the gym
1:00 - 10k in 53:36 @5:21. Easy recovery run.

12:00 - 6k in 33:57 @5:39
Easy - ekiden tomorrow.
Temp: 18C/64F, rain

9:00 - Green Ekiden around the Imperial Palace.
A low-key, enjoyable ekiden. About 150 teams of 4 running 5k, 2k, 3k, 5k. Namban Rengo had 2 teams, each of which had two "fast' and two "slow" people, although the slow were not so slow. I was a "fast" anchor and started 3+ minutes behind the woman anchoring our other team. Didn't think I would catch her, but finally got her in sight with 500m to go. Worked hard and was 20m behind her with 100m to go. Ran her down about 20m from the finish. I felt a bit bad about that, but not bad enough to let her beat me. And my team was happy. The two teams finished 8th and 9th - not a high-level ekiden. Team time was 60:55.
My time was 19:30. I felt pretty good, but I suppose my legs were still a bit tired from Thursday. And it was raining fairly hard. Also, the Palace course is not so easy, with a long hill at the 2k point. Wore my new AdiZero Pro shoes (bright green - perfect for the Green Ekiden) and they felt great. I've seen pictures of Kenyans wearing them. They're very light (160g) but a nice firm feel.

Next week back to hills. Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain every day. Combination of a typhoon and the start of the rainy season.